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Walkthrough Bayonetta

Walkthrough Bayonetta

Prologue. Lobby

The first part of this level is teaching. Learn different combos and tricks, as there are a lot of strikes in the game.

Then you get the practice of fighting. Your opponents are vulnerable to sweeping attacks, so use a combo with heavy blows. Also, there will be small flying enemies. They can be killed by any weapon.

After you jump over the fence and see the cutscene, the first mini-boss will appear on the car. Nearby will be a few more of his associates. This boss is vulnerable to air strike.

Chapter 1. The Angel's Metropolis

This is a non-combat area. Smash the benches to collect items if you like, and then head down the platform and across to the other side. Through the security checkpoint, there's a wall Bayonetta can smash through with her combos.

Jump down the pit and smash the chest to get a key. Climb back up and double jump across to open the door.

Verse 2 is really short. Just beat up a couple enemies with extended combos to check out Bayonetta's revealing Wicked Weave moves.

As you approach the water, the statues initiate a countdown. At the end of the countdown, lighting strikes. You must dodge it at the last second to initiate Witch Time. This allows you to walk on water. If you mess up just examine the statues again. Punch through the panel to activate the lift at the end.

Alfheim 1

This is optional. Once the lift is activated, go back to where you got the key, down in the pit. The portal will take you to Alfheim, an area for special challenges that each reward you with an item. In this case you'll have to fight a bunch of fairly wimpy enemies, but you have to beat them entirely in Witch Time.

Reward: Broken Moon Pearl.

Now take the lift. You'll have a chance to shop just down the hall. After this, head to the courtyard to get down to business. You start of with a small miniboss called Applaud. You can fight him the way you did before with aerial kicks. The enemies will also drop staffs, which will do nicely to help you handle the smaller enemies.

After a while, Beloved, a larger boss, shows up. Beloved is pretty simple. He swings at you with his axe. Dodge it at the last second (the timing is actually pretty generous thanks to his broad swing) and you'll activate Witch Time, giving you the chance to attack his vulnerable point on his back. This is pretty much the pattern for the entire fight.

Go inside. There are just a couple of insignificant enemies here, which conclude Verse 6. After this, you have a flashback to a giant boss fight against a two-headed dragon. Run left until you reach the area with the other witches. Now you have to watch the dragon's movements. When a head roars, it's about to strike. Perform Witch Time during these strikes and you'll have the opportunity to attack the head for a few moments. His other two attacks are shooting fireballs (easily dodged), and a tail sweep which you have to jump over. This is a little harder but the long wind up is easy to read and the double jump will keep you airborne long enough. This fight appears daunting, but ends when you eliminate 1/3 of his health.

Another statue boss like Beloved appears after this. Jump over his swipes. When he breaks off the bridge, begin attacking his hands. There's very little risk at all here.

When he reappears, just run away from him, jumping to avoid the crumbling ground. When he stops, he'll begin pounding the ground with his fists. Try to dodge these blows with Witch Time and then hit his fists. You can wear him all the way down this way, and his pattern doesn't change.

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