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Walkthrough Beastiarium

Walkthrough Beastiarium

Move to the luminous object to listen message of Lakrus.


You wake up.

Chapter 1. Herbs have eyes

Go to the door on the left, where a poster of Alexander Blok is. Through the door (use the F key) talk with the old lady. Ask the stones. You get two diamonds and a cinnamon roll.

Find a room №204 and talk with Alice through the door. She will give you the key to the grate, which is blocked the way to the ground floor (the stairs).

Go down and open the grate. Take another one diamond under the first step. It is necessary to look all diamonds to lure the monster with green eyes.


Go left and go to the WC. There is a severed hand in one of the booths. Remove the ring from the hands.


You find all diamonds! There is a lamp in one of the booths on the right. Take it.


Now you need to lure the monster at some hatch. There is the hatch in the toilet. Go to the monster that it moves far from the front door to the stairwell. If it is there, then you should not scare it. Open your inventory by pressing the TAB key to select the diamonds and click the right mouse button. So you take them in your hands. Throw a diamond next to the entryway, close to the toilet. Another diamond you need to throw in front of the toilet. The door must be open! The third diamond you need to throw inside the toilet, next to the door. Select the ring in your inventory and drop it directly on the lattice door.


Wait a monster. Hide somewhere to the left or right, so as not to startle it. The monster will fall into the hatch. The monster will jump into the sewer.

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