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Walkthrough Beat Cop

Day 1. New shoes

In the role of a demoted detective named Kelly, you have to spend the first day as a regular patrol. Communicate with everyone in the office, and then click

After a conversation with fat man Mike, see at Adamski. Next, go to the pizzeria of Louis - on the corner of one of the houses, the big brown letters LOUIE'S.

It's time to write out the first penalty. Do you see a multi-colored van in front of the pizzeria? Click on it and select "Issue a penalty". Check the box next to "Parking", click on the lines "Posted" and "Icon number". After that, click on the "tick".

Then you need to evacuate the car. There is a walkie-talkie in the lower left part of the screen. Click on the word "Evacuator", then - on the image of the "hook" on the same van. You can evacuate only those cars to which you wrote penalty.

Then there will be a robbery. You will see a suspect with handcuffs over his head. Run after him. Approximately 4-5 steps away from him, the color of the "handcuffs" will be green - at this moment you can catch the criminal. Click on the huge handcuffs at the bottom of the screen, next to the gun and notepad.

Go back and talk to Mike, then - with the captain of the police. You will receive a job to find the missing diamonds. It needs to be completed within 3 weeks.

Mike leaves, and you need to walk through all the shops and institutions, talk to people on the list in a notebook.

At some point, Sergeant Holloway wants to talk to you. You need to find a phone booth and click on it. It is located just to the left of the pizzeria of Louis.

You will receive another quest, you need to pay for child support $ 300 for 3 days. You need to make sure that at least this amount is in your account. Amount will automatically write off. Then at 04:00 PM, meet Mike around the pizzeria of Louis and watch the cutscene.

Day 2.

Talk to everyone at the station and go to your area.

Your main task is to write out 5 fines. If you write 10 fines, then in addition to the bonus to the rating you will get $ 60.

Tips for writing fines:

  • Fines for parking are issued for two reasons - the parking time is out of date, the car is parked in the wrong place.
  • Unplaced parking spaces: zones, signed by NO PARKING with white stripes, the location of fire hydrants, as well as those points where there are no parking machines.
  • If there is a car next to the parking machine, then notice the color of its display. Automatic machines with a pure white screen indicate that parking is paid. If you see red symbols on a white background, it means that the parking lot is probably overdue.
  • Just in case, before writing a penalty for an expired parking, click on the item "Check the counter".
  • If the line "Check the counter" is not in the list, then, therefore, the driver parked the car in the wrong place - you can safely write out a fine. It is advisable to evacuate all cars.

According to the plot you will need: keep the offender (use handcuffs) talk to Louis in the pizzeria, meet with Jablonski in the Ricky Cafe, to the left of the same pizzeria, to inspect the corpse in the alley.

The corpse is in a side street near the pizzeria. If you are rude to a woman, you will get a minus to the reputation of the people. It's better to let go the black man.

Be sure to take the time to help a girl whose cat has disappeared. Go to the left edge of the map, where the girl will automatically speak to you. After talking with Louis in the pizzeria and warn that he must return the cat. Then go to the right to talk with the girl at the store with the sign of KRANK's DRUGSTORE.

There will be a man near the church who lost his wallet. Communicate with him, and then pick up the wallet from the steps of the porch near the church and give it to the victim.

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