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Walkthrough 5

Walkthrough Beholder 2

On his first day, Evan (the protagonist of the game) meets Hemnitz. Chat and go through the whole ministry. Talk to the workplace and sit down at the table.

Where to find all the biometric safes and information sources on the first floor?

When you open the inventory, you can discover the Redgrave Legacy section. It contains all the information collected about Father Evan. You need to find every biometric safe and unlock sources of information.

On the first floor you can find 6 sources of information and 8 biometric safes. To begin with about safes:

  1. You can get one of the safes from Marco Legrand. He was at Hemnitz, but your colleague took the item after his death. Play a prank on Peter Dong on the assignment “Play with Dong’s feelings” to get the item.
  2. You will find another biometric safe in one of the three bushes on the bridge, where the screen is located and the Landscaping service employee walks.
  3. Destroy the vending machine using a screwdriver (lying in Peter Dong's desktop), then inspect it and take the third safe.
  4. The fourth can be found in one of the carts in the working room, next to the cabinets of Emma and Marco.
  5. You need to learn the hacking skills of the locks and Patriot terminals, and only then give Magda the secret folder on the quest “Clearance Level”. Magda will leave only once per game. Search her desk to find a biometric safe. In the terminal there is information to start the following side quests.
  6. Search the shop of Serena Marwitz. You spend four hours and take the safe.
  7. This safe is located in the desktop of Pete Ferguson. You need the skill of breaking locks.
  8. There is in a safe in the office of Ferguson. You need the skill of breaking locks.

As for the six sources of information, you will find four of them when you open the biometric safes. Another one is in the envelope in the lost and found office (pick up on the plot). The latter you can take in Pete Ferguson’s terminal in his office.

Go to the Ministry

Each new day is available for 9 hours. Exchange two hours at the workplace, you get 5 appeals. You need to correctly fill in the form. If you select the correct format of the form, the necessary ministry and the office in which reception is carried out today, then you will earn 50 coins. Don’t make mistake.

In the future, there will be an additional bonus - first for three correctly filled appeals, then for every next five. For three forms you will be given 50 credibility points, for five - 100. The credibility points allow you to unlock additional actions. For example, it enables the ability to trade with a smuggler.

There are no other actions on the first day, so you can fill the appeals. With the choice of cabinet, everything is simple - follow the schedule on the right and the date specified above. You can save after each successfully created form! To do this, you need to leave the table, but you can spend all your time on 20 requests, and for each get 50 coins. In total, on the first day we will earn 1000 coins.

Talk to Hemnitz, take the report to the secretary in the cart on the left. Now there is no queue, but in other days it will be. You will receive 250 credibility points for completing the quest. Leave the ministry and chat with Hemnitz.

Go back home, open the door and talk to James Cunningham. You will receive 500 coins. At home, you will need to pay bills, watch TV shows. Read books to discover skills to unlock additional dialogues with characters. Skills open forever, and the series will have to be periodically reviewed.

At the feet of the leader

Leave the ministry. If you want, you can read books and watch the show. If you want to make money, then spend the remaining hours on work and fill in forms. After that, go outside and chat with Hemnitz on. He tells about his father's letter and promises to give it to Evan the next day.

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