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Walkthrough 5

Walkthrough Beholder 2

Go back home and open the door to James. You will receive 500 coins. Go to bed.

Redgrave’s Legacy

Go to bed to start the next day. Go to the ministry. Hemnitz will be executed. Look around and chat with different characters. You have three colleagues - Marco Legrand, Emma Hazer and Peter Dong. In the same room, there is Nicolas Page, a smuggler, and a buns saleswoman Serena Marwitz. There is a gardening worker in the hall where the execution was. There is a security guard at the entrance. Do not forget about the secretary.

Go to her, talk on various topics and learn about things of Hemnitz. Go to the very beginning and interact with the shelves next to the police. Take the pass and the letter of Redgrave. Read the note and return the pass Rakovich.

Talk to Legrand and find out that he took the biometric safe. He will offer to return it if you make fun of Peter Dong three times. There is an alternative option - to pay 2,000 authorities to pick up the letter and not prank on anyone. If you watch the “Walking Boreans” series and talk about it with Legrand, he will make a discount and the price will drop to 1000 credibility points.

If you decide to joke on Peter Dong, then here are some tips:

  1. Weakness. Talk to Peter to find out about his weakness - he is looking for headache pills. You can get them during a conversation with the clerk of buns. Tell Peter this is the right pill. In fact, it will be a laxative. It can also be found inside the desktop of Emma Hazer, but you will have to learn how to break the lock.
  2. Fear. Chat with the saleswoman about Peter Dong to find out that he is afraid of bugs. Go to the landscaping service worker and ask beetles. He will give the package. Nearby there are three bushes - collect bugs from them. It will take one hour to interact with each. After this, the beetles will need to be put on the Peter Dong desktop.
  3. Passion. Learn at home the skill to crack simple passwords. Use Peter Dong's computer to find a letter that he could not send to Emma Hazer. Send it to the whole Ministry and see what will happen.

After that, go back to Legrand and he will give you a letter.

There is a third way to return a letter of Hemnitz. You will need to start the task "Deal with the Devil." Read more below, in the description of the side quests of the first chapter.


Return to the top of the building and inspect the shelves next to the policeman. Talk to him and tell him that Rakovich sent you. Take the pass, but the letter will not be here. Take the pass to Rakovich to complete the quest.

Reward: 50 credibility points.


This is the main task you must complete in the first chapter in order to earn a promotion. In the future, you will need to perform similar quests on other floors.

So, to move to a new floor, you need to earn 15,000 credibility points.

Competitive Environment 1.0.1

This is one of two quests that allow you to earn a lot of credibility points - 10,000. You can take it through the office phone in the working room of the first floor. As for the elimination of colleagues, there are several ways.

Peter Dong:

  1. For Peter Dong, you to make fun of the quest Play with Dong’s feelings” and “Big prank”. Convince him to stop shooting. For the latter, you need to spend 2000 credibility points (read the walkthrough of side quests). He will die, but Evan will survive.
  2. You can also help him hit on Emma on the quest Voice of the Ministry. After the task, chat with Peter and select the option with the help on promotion. If you refuse, you will no longer be able to request help. By doing this, you will hear back from Peter that they, along with Emma, ​​refuse to participate in the race for promotion.

Marco Legrand:

  1. Agree to help Marco Legrand, in the quest “Pass the envelope to Legrand”, but open the envelope. So you learn about stimulants and can report them to the ministry. By the way, this can be done only after completing the quests “Deal with the Devil” and “Rise of the Machines” or “Seven Days a week”. Convince guard to help with the introduction of stimulants. The next day, when the stimulants are in the Ministry, Legrand will offer to make money on their sale. Agree to start the quest “Enhancing performance”.
  2. If you delay with the surrender of Legrand (sell stimulants), he will tell Ferguson that you are selling drugs. You can pay 1000 coins or authority points, and Legrand will be executed.
  3. Also there is gun in the table of Marco Legrand. To gain access, you need the skill of breaking locks (make friends with Dong and help with the mother’s debts). Use the gun as evidence against Legrand, or throw it to another employee - Emma or Peter.
  4. If you make friends with Peter Dong, you can help him to make fun Legrand, at the end of which he will be executed. Read the description of the quest "Serve Cold".

Emma Hazer:

  1. If you complete the quest "Enhancing performance ", one of the stimulants will go to Emma. You will convince her to take an item for 500 credibility points. After that, next day, Emma will ask for another portion of stimulants.
  2. Read the second paragraph in the description of options related to Peter Dong.

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