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Walkthrough 5

Walkthrough Beholder 2

You can plant foreign currency. You can find them in the closet next to the secretary, but it takes 8 hours to search it. Add an hour to the queue. Thus, you need spend all day. Foreign currency cannot be taken out, so hide them in your cart, which doesn’t take time to search.

Also, foreign currency can be bought from Nicholas Page. Pay 500 credibility points to trade with a man. He has an unlimited amount of foreign currency, but for each portion you will have to pay 999 coins.

Instead of coins, you can throw a foreign watch. You will find them inside the vending machine after you break it with a screwdriver (on the task of Selena or without it).

It is very important! You need to click on the image of the "notebook" (left) during the searching desktops and the placing prohibited items. Only after that, it will be possible to report an offense during a call to the ministry.

Reward: 10,000 credibility points.

Spy games

This task you can take after you complete the two assignments of Pete Ferguson ("Secret Visitor" and "Collector") and proceed for the third - "A Generous Feast." Cunningham finds out about the party. He will call you on one of the evenings and say that you have to hang a camera to collect oppo on Pete. The camera can be bought from the house manager for 1000 coins. Also you can persuade the guard to the lost and found office for 100 credibility points.

If you can to take the “Spy Games” quest on the third or fourth day (I don’t remember exactly, but before the second pass of the real house manager), talk to Cunningham by phone, then open the door to the manager and confirm that you saw the cat. You will receive a discount on rental housing. Flatter him so that he lowers the price of the camera to 250 coins.

Go to work and hang the camera on the statue to the left of Ferguson’s desk. This should be done when the boss is not in the office.

Take a pimp business card from Marco Legrand. Dial it from the house. You will find a pimp and prostitutes the next day at the entrance. Choose two of them (the blonde on the right and the bun on the left), confirm the decision and report this to Ferguson. Please note that to complete the quest "Spy Games", you need to have time to place a camera before the party.

May take part in a party or go home immediately. The next day, go to the office and take the video. Go back home and tell Cunningham by phone. Next morning Ferguson will be arrested. You have collected 20,000 credibility points by completing two quest, which will allow you to go to the next level (12th floor).

Reward: 10,000 credibility points.

12th floor

After you get a promotion to the 12th floor, go home and talk on the phone with Cunningham. He will report the next goal - you need to get rid of Albert DeSalvo. Begin two new quests - "Investigation" and "Way up".

Cabinet key

First talk with Rose on the floor. Go left and take the key from the cleaner. You will recognize him by the winter cap on his head. Go back and unlock the door to your office. Here you have to filter those forms that come from the first floor. The task is difficult. Process ten forms to get a reward, although this is not necessary. Read walkthrough side quests.

Way up

You get a task automatically. You need to earn 15,000 credibility points to climb the 25th floor.

The main sources of authority are quests "Competitive Environment 1.0.12" and "Investigation" (analogous to "Spy Games" from the last chapter).

Competitive Environment 1.0.12

You call the office phone in the working hall and declare your desire to participate in the competition. So, it is necessary to get rid of three competitors - John Smith, Gloria Melfi and Hank Wright. Also you can open terminals and desks that.

You can put a prohibited item to each of them. You can also do smarter:

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