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Walkthrough 5

Walkthrough Beholder 2

Return to work and go to Alberto's office so that he is not there. Explore the terminal and learn about the dog. There is also a section that allows you to enter a code. Click on the "question mark". The password is the dog's nickname.

Go back home and interact with the door to go to the dog show. You will learn about the exhibition from the same Alberto terminal. Bribe the guard for 500 coins and get the nickname - Spot. Go back to work and enter the password to go down. In the shelter, follow left and find a closed sarcophagus. You need a key. There is a stand on the right. Search and find a biometric safe with a key. Use the key on the sarcophagus and find out that Alberto is killing children. This is enough to call Cunningham and agree on the arrest of the monster.

Reward: 10,000 credibility points.

Use collected points to go to the 25th floor.

25th floor

As always, you will need to get rid of the boss and colleagues. Meet Amelia Weiss and try to create clones. Choose any options without wasting time to create ten clones. They may be wrong, but you will receive a reward.

How to eliminate colleagues on the 25th floor

Take the quest with a business phone. You can put a prohibited item on the desktop. But we are not looking for easy ways.

Stephen Dawking

  1. Talk to Stephen, learn about the Quantum Leap series and watch three episodes. Talk to him about each episode to make friends. He will give the quest "Quota". Go back home, visit the information desk and get certificate for treatment. Give it to Stephen and he will leave the Ministry on his own.
  2. If you take a certificate of disability, you will learn that Stephen is plotting illegal cases against the Ministry. You can turn him in, but if you complete the quest “Help for the Suburbs” (starts after “Quotas”), then you will have to look for more trivial methods (put a forbidden object).

Maria Curie

A woman speaks Borean. You need a dictionary, which lies in the drawer of the chief. Look in his office when Isaac is gone and take the phrase book. Go back home and study the book, then talk to Maria Curie. Oliver will ask you for on the quest “Lost of Translation”. Return to Oliver and tell him that guard rapes Maria. Oliver promises to do something, but in the end, the guard learns about the complaint and Maria will commit suicide.

Another option is to tell Oliver that Maria simply does not want to work. He will order to arrest and execute the girl.

Horatio Newport

Meet with him, you will return home at the end of the working day and meet Horatio from the future. He will say he needs help. Agree, then go to Isaac's office and tell him about the time traveler. He will remove Horatio from the case.

You may continue to perform quests Newport - "Past Mistakes" and "Epidemic." Even if you do them, then Isaac will find out about it anyway. You will have to pay off points of credibility (1500), and Horatio will be suspended from work. In any case, the old Horatio deceives you.

Get rid of everyone, you earn 10,000 credibility points.

Science and crime

You will need to find a reason to arrest Isaac Weinberg. Go to his office and chat on all topics. Take the quest "Beneficial Effect", go through the ministry, find the active points and install different items - amplifiers of patriotism and efficiency. It is not difficult. Two busts you find in the working room on the first floor, another, large - on the bridge of the first floor.

After that, perform the quest "Clean experiment". Pass the test on the office phone. Your choice does not matter. Report Isaac, and he will accompany Evan in his secret laboratory with clones. You will learn what Isaac is planning.

In addition, if you collect all the information about Carl Stein, you will have to cause emotion. So Isaac will find a weak spot. From Patrick, you talk about the university, the book from Schimmer and Andrea, from Martha about candy, doll and the sun in the stomach, from Anna about the forbidden drug, mine and death.

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