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Walkthrough 5

Walkthrough Beholder 2

Go back home and tell Cunningham about what you’ve found on Isaac. The next day, he will be arrested, and you will receive 10,000 credibility points.

The final

Collect 15,000 credibility points, request a promotion. Go back home, talk to Cunningham, and climb up to the 37th floor with him the next day. We will not describe further actions, but note that when you choose the ending of the game, you need all the Heimdall codes. You need to collect 250 codes to get the best final:

When you walkthrough the first floor, find a total of 8 biometric safes (read above).

  • 12th floor – 8 safes.
  • Find 7 safes when you walkthrough the 25th floor.
  • Thus, you need to collect 23 safes.

The best ending Beholder 2 (read here about 250/250 codes):

The Best Ending of Beholder 2 (We get all 250 codes Poject Heimdalle):


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