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Walkthrough They Are Billions: Survive in 80 Days

They Are Billions: Survive in 80 Days

In this guide, we will tell you how to survive at the most difficult level in the game "They Are Billions". A complete victory is achieved by reaching the eightieth day. During all 80 days the gamer should develop his colony and strengthen it with walls and army from constant invasions and large groups of zombies of various types.

The first day

First, look around the area. If there is at least one forest and a place for the development of a stone – you can start to survive on this map. Pay attention to the territory: if the place in the center of the map is very open, you need to go over with the troops around the area to open the map in the vicinity. If you see a zombie when you open a map - put one or more archers in this zone for a possible attack. Collect all nearby resources.

Days 2 through 5

You need to build fishing and hunting huts for food growth. You need food for colonists, workers and the military. Place tents for the colonists around the command center. Build a sawmill, a quarry and a mill. You can build the first military center for training fighters on the fifth day.

Days 5 to 10

The income of gold should be on average 300 - 400 coins. Continue to build houses for colonists. You must have a woodworking industry to further development. Accumulate the necessary amount of resources for its construction.

You will almost always have to create an army of archers to achieve the ultimate goal. You can do this from the eighth to the ninth day. Build as many fishing and hunting cottages as possible.

Also do not forget to set farms for food growth. You can do without fortifications at these stages, but we recommend that you block at least the main passages to the camp, and install one observation tower at the walls.

Day 10

Prepare to the first wave. You can repulse the attack of the mob of ghouls by archers. Build a double wall from the side where the zombies will come from for your safety. If you have developed quickly enough, you can to build ballistae for protection.

Days 10 through 18

Now the gold coins growth should be about 400-500 units. In this time interval you can build the first market. Be sure to do this around the huts of the colonists. It will improve the overall income. Design wooden houses for their colonists. Do not rush with their improvements - a few houses per day will be enough. Do not install wooden houses at once: it is better to initially build the usual dwellings, and then improve them.

Explore the stone workshop if you have enough resources. Do not stop the production of archers, for more effect in these days you can build another military center. You can send a few archers to exterminate the zombies and for further expansion. After them, install the towers of Tesla, and when you reach the narrow passage - build fortifications and watchtowers.

Day 18

Start a sniper survey. These soldiers are very slow, but they will help in the battles with the ghouls at long distances. Once they are open – stop training archers and begin training snipers.

Prepare for the second wave! At the moment, you must have at least twenty archers, and maybe more. Install the observation towers on the side of the attack; Pre-build one ballista on each fortification - this will help to deter the onslaught of living dead. If the resources for building are not enough, follow the above-described advice on the construction of a double wall.

Days 18 to 26

Income is from 500 to 1000. Build a stone workshop (some players manage to install it earlier; it all depends on the development of the colony).

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