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Walkthrough The Black Mirror (2017)

Chapter 1

At the beginning of the game Black Mirror, you will control John Gordon, who in the middle of the night is in the middle of the Scottish Highlands and in panic is hiding from an unknown pursuer. Move forward until you stop at the cliff. Interact with a small wooden dummy. Continue the movement, and then follow the right, up the slope.

On the way, you interact with the ghostly figure of a woman or leave it. A little further you will see a stone circle, where John will begin his ritual. He will slit the palm of his hand, drop blood on the stone altar, and say something in Gaelic. First, enter the object to the right of the altar, and then go where the lamp on the left is located. In the end, John will burst into flames.


Some time after the horrific death of John Gordon, his son David goes to the family manor "Black Mirror", which he inherited. You can look in the window, but it is not necessary. Open the box near David in the car. Read the letter from his mother, who lived with him in India. Take an object from the box. It is a miniature model of the castle. There is a note of Father David with several incomprehensible equations. As soon as you study three subjects, you will reach the castle.

Andrew Harrison will meet David before the house. He is the lawyer of the Gordon family. Communicate with him on all topics, and then talk with Grandmother Lady Margaret and again with Andrew. You need to prove his identity. The object fell out of pocket, and Andrew will not miss this moment. You say the truth or lie; the decision will not affect on the storyline. Follow this, take a look at the picture in front of you, where you will recognize Edward (David's grandfather). Look at the objects lying under it. Follow Angus, along the way you can draw on the missing wallpaper on the wall. Then you will find yourself in David's room.

The heir of Gordons will be scared even more when he will hear the sound of his grandfather's clock. Soon after, you will move to a new room. Explore it. Look at the picture above the fireplace. David will notice that the fragment of the model belongs to the miniature of the castle., You need a light to view the castle at night.

In bed, you open the suitcase and learn the telegram, the photograph of the father and the passport. Take matches with you and go to the table in front of the room. Open the box on the table, take the photo - there are so many collectible items in the game! This will unlock three additional puzzles in the Tools menu. If you finish the puzzles, then get access to the maps. But back to the game: focus on the candlestick inside the box. Light it with matches from a suitcase. Now you can leave the room. If you want, you can go to the closet to the left of the fireplace and find another photo in it. Leave the bedroom of David.



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