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Walkthrough Blackwood Crossing

Walkthrough Blackwood Crossing

Train start

Step out of the compartment and go to the right. At the end you open the door to the right by clicking on the LMB. Go to the other side, after Finn. Listen to the boy in the next car and do it: look up, look down at the shoes, open the small window, take the handle off the table and try to open the next door. Choose any option, and then open the door. Go to the end and look to the right. Interact with a stranger.

A train. Strange figures

Step out of the compartment and go left, behind the hare. Open the far door and try to help Finn.

Again, leave the compartment and go left. You will see a grandmother and grandfather with masks. Interact with them to hear their dialogue. You first need to listen to the dialogue of the grandmother, and then - the grandfathers to make up the sequence. They must move, after which the path to the neighboring car will open.

Characters will be more in this car. You need to interact with them in pairs. For example, click on the girl at the beginning of the car, which looks for Steve. After clicking on the man in the mask of a lion, who replies: "I'm here, Annabelle." A boy with a pig's head is an old teacher at the end, a guy at the end is a rabbit.

Password at the tree

Follow further, through the cars, until you find yourself in a car with grass and trees. It is necessary to name the password. First you need to find 4 pictures. The first hangs on the same tree where Finn climbed. Go around and look from behind. The second picture lies on the table a little further. The third picture hangs on the wall to the right, a little further from the table. The last picture is in the far car.

Go back and name the password: Bluback, Wuboods, Fubor, Evuber.

At the top, you need to ask Finn where are the scissors or tape. The tape will be in the mouth of the toy dog ​​behind you, and the scissors will be on the stool in the planetarium (you need to climb up another staircase). When you find one item, and then ask another for Finn. Then go to Finn and sit next. Press the indicated keys (A, D) several times to draw a butterfly. Relive it, try again until Finn sets the fire.

A train. Strange figures and a fire extinguisher

And once again on the train, follow Finn. Try to open the door, but it will not work. Go to the other end, where the utility room is located. Inside it hangs a jacket - from your pocket get the keys and open the door.

And again you will need to listen in pairs to the phrases of different characters:

  • The lion and the rabbit.
  • A boy with a pig mask and a teacher in a compartment.
  • Cameron (Cam) and Grandpa.
  • Grandmother and Anna (Mom).

Move forward until Finn sets the toys on fire. Find the collapsed newspaper in one of the compartments on the table. Apply it to the fire and go in the opposite direction. The newspaper will be extinguished by the wind - in the place where it happens, to the left is an open window. Close it.

There is a box with a fire extinguisher in the previous car near the entrance door. There is paper lock on it. Burn it. When you close the window, then go back to the fire and set the newspaper on fire. If you picked up a plush rabbit and a notebook from other compartments, you will need to switch to a newspaper. Press the "left" and "right" keys (do not confuse with the A and D keys).

Extinguishing the fire, follow on. Take the fire from the aisle by clicking on Q. Go forward and give fire to the fire at the Scarlett double (key E). Climb into the house on a tree and do the same with four sources of fire. It will be necessary to take fire from everyone and give it to a bowl with a fire on the balcony.

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