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Walkthrough Bombshell

The White House

See introductory video. To skip any video game, press and hold the key E. Follow down the path. To move, use the keys W, S, A, D. Soon will be the first opponent - shoot by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Go ahead and kill four more enemies. Go down the stairs and you will see two First Aid Kit down near a human corpse. Use them by pressing the key Q.

Now you need up to the White House. Kill some more enemies. Walk up to the entrance into the White House. In one corner you have to find a few of the military. There will be a general Holloway, whom you need to talk. Walk up to it and press the button E.

Then you have to go back to the entrance to the White House. Do not hurry: go to the nearby turret and press the E. Shoot from the turret in emerging newcomers. Return to the entrance and go inside the house. Pick drawing gun, lying on the ground. Talk with illuminated man - a trader. Next, open a box around another soldier. Take a box of grenades. To launch a grenade Bombshell, click the mouse wheel. Grenades will roll on the floor and crash into the nearest enemy. The closest enemy stands in the aisle in front - you can pass on after the explosion.

Go left and exit to the hallway above. Move right - fall two stone columns. Jump over them, use the key "Space". You woll see a picture at the end of the corridor on the left wall. Walk up to it and collaborate. Enter the secret passage and watch the cut-scene.

The Underneath

You will find yourself in some underground world of aliens. Follow locations, kill enemies of several kinds. Actively use the kits and bombs. You will need to find Sgt Ransom. Open the map by pressing M. Do you see white circles blinking? They point to your target. Talk to the sergeant, the task is updated.

Follow up and to the left. Next, you will go to the right. As a result, you have to get on a huge rotating circle with concrete slabs. Jump on the plate, which is rotated by the largest circle. With it you can jump to four points. From one of them you have come, another leads to a dead end. Two other points located on either side of the one that leads to a dead end, will help you to perform additional and fundamental task.

Additional task

Jump to the left of them, and kill all enemies. Far do not have to go: around here look for Sergeant Cook, you had to save. Just talk to him.

Continuation of the main

Jump now on the last point of the platform and move deeper into the card. You will need to find a military base. Talk to General, go to the other end of the base and talk to Cpl. You will be asked to deal with monsters attacking the base. Kill them all (they will go from this side only, where there is a corporal). Then go back to the General and talk to him to get a reward and complete the quest.

Follow through the entrance, where Cpl. Move to the end of the card - one way here. Leave this location through the glowing passage. But first you have to kill the enemy disappearing. When he appears, you do not hesitate - use against him all the bombs, which you have in your inventory (there can be a maximum of four pieces).

Vertigo Arena

Additional task

You must find the four scrolls. The first scroll you will see at the beginning of the location, after turning left. Bombshel - the heroine of the game, be sure to pay attention to this. Follow on, kill opponents. In the end, in the left corner of the map you will have to meet Swain - one of the missing soldiers. Talk to him and learn more about one additional task.


Additional Task 2

You must find the lost laptop Svein. To the left of the character has a circular platform with an orange circle in the center. Stand on this circle. This elevator. You go down.

Small Tomb

Below you will find a new location. Here you will find a laptop Swain and several scrolls. The first scroll can be found here:


As for the laptop Svein, then you will find it a little further, here in this place:


The laptop will have a huge belly tetradigitate monster. Run away from him, use the bomb active. Pick up the laptop and come back. Talk to Svein to give the found object and get a reward.

From Svein go back a little and move up the map. Around here you will find the glowing doorway. Explain it makes no sense, because it is one. Sooner or later, you look for it.


Move forward and climb up the stairs. Kill the monsters. Nearby is the framework of general Holloway. Go to it and immediately get up behind the turret. Destroy all enemies that run at you.

Talk to Holloway. He will say, where is the president. You need to find a way to get into the arena.

 Additional Task 3

Next is Sergeant Corwin. Talk to him. Based on additional quests you need to find two foreign plants needed for further research. The first plant is located here:


It's purple. Find it is quite simple. Kill all monsters and collect plants. At the top left of the place, where there was a plant in the wall there is a button with a purple kanji. Stand on the button (pedal) and open the passage.

The second plant is located on the same floor, but a little to the other side. See the screenshot below.


Next to this plant, up the map, there is another glowing passage. Use it to switch to another card.

Arena Walkways

Follow ahead. You will see a closed bridge. It must be open to get to the part of the Arena, which could be president. And remember to start the first extra mission. You can find the third of the four scroll here:


You have to activate the four characters to open the bridge - two on different sides of the aisle on the other side. Did you this only if you find two stone hands with fire. One hand is here:


Last scroll of the first additional jobs can be found here.


In the same side you will seek a second hand stone with fire. Find it here:


Kill all the enemies. Go around the circle until you find the passage in the center. In the center stand on a circular riser (circle). When you will find yourself at the bottom, then destroy the remaining enemies. Reserving a few bombs on the boss. However, according to Arena scattered two or three boxes of bombs. Two modified bomb destroyed the second level of this boss. Therefore, nothing complicated you do not have to do.

Take the passage to complete the mission.

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