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Walkthrough bosses in Nioh

Derrick the Executioner

  • Mission: "A man and his spirit-guardian "
  • Level 1

The battle with the first boss NIOH is the simplest of all. You can take an ax - the most powerful weapon at this stage of the game.

The battle will be in two stages. In the first stage, Derek will not pose a great danger. He is slowness and has small supply of health. You need to avoid his ax and wait until Derek tires out. Then you can to land a few punches and retire.

The main rule of the second phase of the fight - not stand close to Derek. Wait for the attack, in which Derek is rushing at you like crazy. Dodging (to the side) and attack him, and then tactically back down and wait for following the right moment. Repeat until victory.

Boss Onryoki

  • Task: "The Island of demons"
  • Level: 5

A demon Onryoki is horned monster. He has giant boulders on hand.

Select the bottom fight pose to dodge from the boss's attacks. This pose is reduced the damage, but it is increased the speed of roll-overs - a key aspect in this battle. Also you can use boxes. They is scattered on the arena. Inside you can find healing items.

The main strategy in the fight against Onryoki - stay close behind him (if you stand in the distance, you can easily get under boulders). Apply a few punches and get ready to block. Stand close to the boss. An alternative strategy for the first phase of the battle - to wait until a monster hits with both hands on the ground.

In the battle against Onryoki not forget to use the skill (R1 button).

When the boss will lose about 1/3 of health, you can break the chains on. Now Onryoki will use new techniques. The monster will throw bolls. Stand at a distance to dodge from the flying boulder.

At close distance you need beware circular strokes of Onryoki. Dodge from these attacks is best counter-clockwise.

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