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Walkthrough Bulb Boy

Room of grandfather

Start the game and watch the introductory cut-scene. So, you find yourself in a room of your grandfather. After his words (or rather images) management will go to you. Little Hero is going to sleep. Try to go into the bedroom through a door on the right, but will see two images: the teeth in a glass of water and struck-through television. The false teeth of the grandfather should place in a container with water and a TV - turn off.

Click on the TV and press the button in the lower right corner. Unfortunately, it will break. No problem! Pull the plug from the socket to the left of the TV. Then go to your grandfather, who is asleep on the couch and click on his head left mouse button. The boy begins to pull out of mouth false teeth. You see the help on the screen that you have to click the left mouse button without stopping. But this is not enough! In order to pull teeth, it is necessary to direct hepl with a finger with the button so that it was located at the head of his grandfather, about the floor area where the legs of the sofa.

Move the cursor to the top of the screen and see the inventory, which are only teeth. Select the teeth and click on the aquarium to the left, to throw them.


Now go through the door on the right to complete the entry.


You've heard the scream. Click on the door to the left to quickly run to your grandfather, but the road will block harmful spider. We need to get him a beetle, a fly and a caterpillar. Fly is the room, but catch it no easy. Beetle is inside cabinets with drawers middle of the room. Look in the nightstand. There are several items that can click on them and change their position. So, scissors can unclench, matchbox disunite and roulette push.


The beetle likes candy. The candy is in the middle of the bottom. Click on it and see how run the beetle. You need push a matchbox, push the scissors and roll roulette. Now again click on the candy and the beetle will reach. Click the beetle to take him.


Right in the room is the bed. Next to the bed, find and take away the broom. Click on the bed to look at it. You will see a caterpillar. Select a broom in the inventor yand apply it to the insect. You will receive a caterpillar.


Therefore, a fly is the room under the ceiling. Please note that at the bottom middle of the room there are two detached coupling wire. Click on them. The main character will beat the current. But the sparks go from hanging lamp by the ceiling . Wait until fly will fly below this lamp and die. Pick a fly.

When all three insects apply to the spider on the door on the left. Open the door when the spider explode.

Hallway (Corridor)

Go to the left, out of the floor will come out a huge hand. Examine the door in the background, but will not open it. The more you do not use it. Also take a look at the lower the nightstand right corner in between the two doors. You need a key. Click the left mouse button on the top of the chandelier hanging without bulbs. Little Hero will throw back his head. Click on the neighboring chandeliers left to move on top. When you see a huge window that is active, click on it. In the approximation click on the bottom right of the broken glass.

Move on to the left side of the chandelier, until you see a small picture with a key on the wall. Click on any place in the bottom of the screen to head back on the torso. Now click on the picture and take the key from the niche in the wall.

Return on chandelier back to the right side, down head and apply the found key on the curb at a right. Open right and left wing tables and take away from the top shelf can of oil.

Again, go by the chandeliers to the left, then drop down at a picture with the key and go left to the statue without a head. Apply at the statue of the canister with oil to lubricate it. Next, apply a piece of glass on the statue to insert it into a wooden handle in the hands of the statue. Go to the door on the left, that there was a giant hand. Click on the statue to the hero place his head on it. Next, click on the arm, driving the statue to cut through it. Go through the door on the left.

Room of grandfather

Click on the grandfather on the floor to inspect it. Take the aquarium with the teeth on the left and apply it to his grandfather to pour that water. After his disappearance in the ceiling, appears the hole. Click on the chandelier from the ceiling to throw the head. Click on the hole in the ceiling at a time when the head is on the chandelier. After chandelier fall down, click on the rope to climb higher. Watch the cut-scene.

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