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Walkthrough Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Mission 1. Black Ops

Here you will learn how to walk the first mission of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. You go to Ethiopia and to infiltrate airfield NRC and look for the prime minister of Egypt.

Infiltrate the station security

Go for Hendrix down the stairs and then sit down to get under the chassis of the broken plane. The enemies are near, but they will not touch you. Go to the building and wait for the command, which opens the door to the runway. Go through the door. Hold by Hendrix, which leads you to the station security. He kill one of the opponents. Now you go inside and get access to the console. Click on the button to turn on the camera control.

Find the Minister Saeed

Go on until you find the Prime Minister of Egypt. Follow for Minister Said.

Go in the interrogation room

Achieving Quick on the Trigger Accolade. You need get down and look at the two guards in the rear. Kill them, and then move over to the left guard. You must do it quickly. If you fail, then shoot the minister to restart the game from the last checkpoint.

It is time kill all. Go down the stairs and deal with two armored thugs. Now move down the tunnel, stay in the shelter, and then kill the enemies. Hendricks will move forward, you will see new enemies. You no need to follow Hendricks. Instead, stay in the shelter and kill these enemies from a distance. Then, go to the end of the tunnel in the interrogation room. Hendricks will knock the door and you have to shoot at the glass.

Achieving Wildfire Accolade. Wait until Hendrix shoot at an enemy on the truck. Then quickly move on to the platform and shoot the container with explosive substances to destroy the enemies nearby. Just go up to the platform and shoot the large barrel to kill the remaining soldiers. You have seven seconds to set fire nine enemies.

Go into the detention cell

When you find the Prime Minister, he will ask you that you saved Lieutenant Khalil. Its location is marked on the map. You need drive there and save him.

To get to the point of evacuation

Hendrix and Khalil will go through the door. Stay on top of the steps and take the position of lying to hide from enemies. Deal with them and move forward to the next area. Focus on the enemies with LMG, and then destroy the enemies on the platform above.

When the path is free, then go down the stairs and hide behind black barrels. Kill the enemies from a distance. You see more enemies and one man with a shotgun. Once all the soldiers gone, go back to the previous room and wait for reinforcements, which will arrive at the freight elevator. Kill them, then go to the elevator.

Achieving Turkey Shoot Accolade. Kill all four men in the elevator before they leave. You can even kill them before they open the door, which you need to stand on the right side of the room.

Achieving Overburdened Accolade. Go to the main entrance to the cave. Wait a crane to move a second time and then blow up one of the pipes, so that it fall and crush one of the opponents. You must select the ideal time.

If you walk the first mission for the first time, then you will not have access. Go for Hendrix (he is near the hangar). Crawl and deal with the enemies that stand in your way to Diaz.

Achieving Toasty! Accolade. Kill the four enemies until Diaz attack they.

Now go through the door and hide behind the cargo box. Shoot at an armored personnel carrier. Go through the boxes.

Achieving Phoenix Stopper Accolade. Instead of shoot a rocket, take a grenade and throw it there.

When the armored troop-carrier is destroyed, move the right side of the hangar and kill the enemies on the other side, use the box as cover. Hendricks and Diaz will help you. You will see the door, which will need to come.

You srr Hall. You are on the runway. Enemies are everywhere, so take cover and kill them. Soon you need to pay attention to the bridge. Enemy reinforcements appear after the explosion.

Achieving Truck Stopper Accolade. When you will see the huge machines with machine guns, then blast them with grenades. You need destroy the trucks before it makes your team to get the achievement.

To get to the point of contact

Follow for the detachment to the station of contact. Go up the stairs and then kill the soldiers (until they are blinded). However, remember that they can shoot.

Achievements The Unseen Blade Accolade, Master of Shadows Accolade. During the battle in the dark kill all the soldiers in the close battle (but you not have damage). If not, then kill themselves with a grenade and then repeat the segment again.

Now, move up to the building with a satellite dish, kill enemies with the rocket launcher.

Go to the second point of evacuation

Jump over the wall and take cover. When you open the door of the hangar, you need run quickly inside. Ignore the robots.

Achieving Force Multiplier. If you are very brave, then wait for the arrival of the second wave of robots, and then throw a grenade at them. You will receive the award.

To get to the motor

Jump into an armored personnel carrier inside the hangar and mount one of the machine guns. Drive on transport, shoot at the enemies. In the end, the car stuck, but you need continue to fire.

Achieving Clear Skies Accolade, Trail of Destruction. Destroy all the cannons and trucks.

Armored personnel carriers will go and the current goal is the same.

Shelter at evacuation

After you go out from an armored personnel carrier, run to the rocks and take cover. Hide behind the boxes. There is a box of ammunition on the right side. There you can find grenades.

Achieving Whites of Their Eyes Accolade. When you leave the armored personnel carrier, use the gun to keep the defense. You can also use grenades, but no other weapons.

Soon team of Black Ops will come. Mission complete!

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