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Walkthrough Candleman: The Complete Journey

Section 1: Why does the candle burns

The game is divided into several main sections. These sections consist of individual episodes. Each section is one unique location. The first location is the hold of the old ship.

Your task at each level is to get to the blue glow to complete it. In addition, you can burn different candles. Before each level, you can see how many candles you need to light in the pause menu. If you manage to light all the candles, then the level will be passed by 100%, and you will see the continuation of the phrase at the end of it.

In addition, there is one big candle at each level - light it to activate the checkpoint.

Your candle can die if it falls into the abyss or burns. Do not use the CTRL key too often to light a candle. Do this in extreme cases.

TIP. I recommend you to increase the brightness of the screen to the maximum. This will significantly reduce the number of invisible areas and minimize the use of fire.

A little candle went to and fro

You need turn around and go in the opposite direction, down the screen. You can not use light. In the end, you will rest against the box - turn left and go until you find a mirror and a candle (1/9).

Set it on fire and move back. There is another candle (2/9) above the place where you appeared. Light it, and then pay attention to the chain in the right corner (to the right of the last candle). Jump on this chain to go up. Find the third candle (3/9) on the box. Run away and jump to the next drawer on the left to find another candle (4/9).

Jump down and get to the thick candle. Light it to activate the checkpoint, and then set fire to the fifth candle (5/9). It is located to the left and above the previous one.

Go to the right until you see a small pit with water. Jump into it and push the round wooden raft forward, to the far drawer. Jump on the edge of the raft. Ran out and jump on the box. There you will find another candle (6/9).

Follow the way back, but do not rush to the right. Go down the screen, to the foreground, on the edge of the boxes to find the seventh candle (7/9).

And now go to the right and find the candle (8/9) under the wooden board at an incline. Climb the board and kindle the last candle (9/9), then enter the blue portal.

Bonus phrase: On a tattered ship, burning all alone.

His tender flame shone through the dark

Go to the right wall. Be careful - there are holes in the floor. There is the first candle (1/8) near the wall. Follow the long boards, along the way; light another candle (2/8) on the barrel. Get to the big square box covered with tarpaulin. Ahead you will see barrels. There is third candle (3/8). Do not rush, because there is another candle (4/8) in the lower right corner of this box.

Jump on a board with the chain. Stand on the right edge. Run to the left and jump onto the top drawer to light the candle (5/8). Do the same, but stand on the left edge to run and jump on the box to the right. Go forward along the board and light a thick candle - checkpoint.

Go ahead and light the candle (6/8) on the left. Go to the right side, light the seventh candle (7/8) and go forward to the box and the blue portal located behind it. The drawer will move and you will have to look for a workaround.

Jump to the board on the left, stand on the right edge and jump up to the drawer on the left. Light the last candle (8/8), and then jump on the chain ahead. Go forward and jump down onto the chain below. Use it to get to the portal.

Bonus phrase: the path before him cold and stark.

Alone he wandered the shivering decks

At the beginning of the level, jump to the hanging box on the right and light the candle (1/10). Jump to the right to light the second candle (2/10). Go on the board ahead and jump on the swaying box. From it you need to jump on the box to the left and light the third candle (3/10).

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