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Walkthrough Candleman: The Complete Journey

Do not rush to go back, but move still to the left, jump on the swinging board. Stand on the right edge. When the board moves to the left, then run in the same direction and jump on the box with the candle (4/10).

Go back, jump on the three swinging boxes, when they will go to the right side (in this case, the differences between them will be minimal). Jump from the far right box to the right to light a candle (5/10). Then jump on two swinging boxes, but be careful - the swinging chains can block the way. Jump to the far box and light a thick candle - checkpoint.

Go to the edge of the board. The screen is changed and you are shown the drawer from below. Jump to it and stop. You need to wait for the box to move all the way to the left, and jump in the same direction to light the sixth candle (6/10). Then use the box to jump to the right to the seventh candle (7/10).

Move forward and you will see a barrel. Do not worry - it can not crush a candle. Run past it to the ledge in front. Jump on it and even higher to light the candle (8/10).

Jump on the barrel from the ledge when it is next to you. As soon as it moves to the left, you move to the right, so as not to fall off the barrel. In the left side you need to jump from the barrel to the box with the ninth candle (9/10). Go further; jump on the barrel near the blue portal, and from it - on the box with the last candle (10/10). Enter the blue portal.

Bonus phrase: without purpose or aim he trekked and he trekked.

At last he reached the grand Iron Gate

Jump on the box to the right, and from it - even more to the right to the first candle (1/9). Move forward, jump on other boxes, and light the second candle (2/9). There is a third candle (3/9) on the left side of the hill. But you need a round wooden raft to reach it. It is located next to you, in the opposite direction.

Jump over it, and then push forward. After that, you push and to the left. Use the raft to jump on the ledge.

Move forward, jump on the barrels and light the candle (4/9) on the box further. Next, jump on the box with the wooden platforms on the right. One of them push into the right side, to the barrel. Jump on the barrel, from it - to another, where there is a candle (5/9). Go back a bit and jump on the wooden rafts ahead. Jump on the ledge further from the barrel.

Before you jump on moving boxes, light a thick candle - checkpoint.

Jump to the boxes, move on them, and choose the right position (so that you are not pushed down the chain). After the second bundle of chains, you must jump to the ledge on the left. Periodically light your candle. Here, light the sixth candle (6/9). Move on the boxes further and jump to the barrel on the left. Climb up and light the seventh candle (7/9).

Finally, you will reach the iron door. There are two candles (8/9 and 9/9), located to the left and to the right of it. Before the door there are also three buttons with symbols. Look at the symbols on the door itself, and then click on the buttons in the appropriate order. This completes the first section.

Bonus phrase: A voice from beyond called him closer to fate.

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