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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough CAYNE

Full walkthrough CAYNE

The game begins with the cut scene. You are on a chair. Around is some of the dishevelment. Use a scalpel on creature that will come to you. Look around. Learn computer terminals. Go first to the right terminal. Turn scanning and quickly go to the side of the chair to scan successfully. After the scanning you need go to the right terminal. Click to enable. Watch the video.

There was a fire in the laboratory. Follow the instructions. We go down. The heroine falls down. Move the cursor to shine and read the information. Right, grab the ceiling profile. In the middle of the screen there is a diary (PDA). It glows green. Read blog of Hank.

Go down again and head for the exit. In the middle of the room hangs a woman without legs. Take a glass powder. Next Hadley will speak with the voice. Then it stops. Inspect the climate control terminal. Exit back again and climb up by the ceiling profile. Open the glass of powder by scalpel in inventory. And apply it to the right terminal.

The heroine applies it on the keyboard, and you can figure out the combination by fingerprint. Enter 1248.

Start the calibration drive.

Calibration replace sharp bladed pincer. Go down and take the sharp bladed pincer. Use a blade to unprotected isolation to allow access to the tunnel.

Use the control panel, which is located in the middle to turn off the power. Inspect the severed leg. There is ID card. Take it.

Climb back up the tunnel. Go to the locked panel Omni-Tek in the room where the mutilated body of the table hangs. Use identification of Danie Boland to open panel.


The panel will give you access to the Omni-Tool.

Go back down into the room, where is the man with no legs. Use the control panel to blow up power generator. The screenshots show how to do it.

It will be a blast. Danie crawls to our heroine. She wakes up. Learn PDA of Denie. In the part of the screen, where he was lying there is a passage. You will find yourself in the hallway with the inscription evacuation. You pass it and find yourself in an unfamiliar room. You rise to the second tier, and go on. There you scare strange creature. The heroine comes back and will speak with the voice.

You need to have access to the luminous red terminal and unlock the entrance to the room with the printer PDT, use the following code:

Next, you head to the room, which is unblocked.

Mix the powder with the ID-card. Click on the fuses box. Then use the blade on the identity card in the inventory. Again apply it to the fuse panel to open the door.

You will need to use the Personal Data Tag Printer to print the new PDT. Right from the entrance is a PDA of Sharon Cayne. Read it

Return to the hall and go up to open access to the Birthing Lab Nexus. Use the following code:

Go to the passage leading to the laboratory. Next you turn to the left tunnel. Go to the terminal and read the information. Here you will find another password that will allow access to the Crew Facilities.

Leave from this part of the lab and go to the upper part. Come to the arm and pull it. Pick whip from the floor. Read the PDA of John Kearn. Also, listen the recorder on dictaphone.

Now go to the terminal to open the Crew Facilities. Code see above.

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    Raen Andaleio
    Jan 24, 2018 12:24 am

    It should be noted that the combinations for the rooms change. In my case, the combination for the printer room was triangle plus lightning plus. It can be found in logs of the computer console of the destroyed fetal extraction room.

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