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Walkthrough Clandestine


For the movement, use the keys W, S, A, D. If you want to run press the Left Shift. If you want accelerate, press and hold left Shift. Move forward and to the right. There is a locked door. Hold down the E, there was a scale to the right. When it is almost complete, then click the left mouse button. Thus, you will break the lock. Click again on the key E, to open the gate.

If you want to continue the training, then go to the front of the fence and press Q. If you want to skip the training, just go through the door on the left.

Continuing the training. Crossing the fence press Q, crouch by pressing C. Follow behind the guard. There is a new clue. Go to the wall, which depicts a silhouette of a girl and press the "Space". Move left and right along the wall, use the keys A and D. Not to leave the shelter and turn the corner, you need to go to the corner and hold down the "Space". If you click on the button "Space", then Kate leaves the shelter.

Walk throgh the guard, who stands on the ledge of the left front of the containers. Go to the locked door and check its panel. Press E, you will see the dial to enter the code. But you do not have a password. Therefore, press the H, to start hacking. You need go training. You will need to focus on Kate by clicking on G. Then click on the video camera and be able to manage it. Place the guard, and then click the cursor on the icon of guard in the lower right corner, where the scheme (where you clicked on the camera).

Now you can move the virus down and right. When you see a wall on the scheme , you will need to hack it. Simply click on the appropriate button and wait. Stand on the door and break it to learn the code. The code is 8226. Exit of mode break by pressing H. Press E, stand at the door and then enter the password 8226.

Go through the door and go to the front of the trailer. There are the two diskettes with information on the table on the right. Exit and go through the door on the right. Follow ahead until the corner you see the guard. Click on G, and to aim. Throw a pager on the other side. To do so will release G. Further enter in mode hacker key (H) and left-click on the image on the pager scheme (it will flash). The guard goes to the sound, and you can go the corner.

Sneak up to the police. If you click the left mouse button, then stun him. If you hold down the left mouse button, then kill the guard. Go to the door on the right and hack it. In the scheme with the virus that door is to the right of the previous break down the door. Move by the key D the virus on the icon on the right door, and then double-click the left mouse button to crack and get the code. Enter the code. Inside the trailer you find a note on the table.

Walk through the camera. At any time you can press the H key and switch the camera to manual mode. Then rotate them in opposite directions. You get to the point where you overheard two police officers.

Click on the H and note that the map at the bottom right there are several flags with the number "2". These flags indicate the side quests. You have to destroy the phone lines. These flags indicate the place where are the boards on the walls. You need to go to the boards, click on the button E. . Keith opens the board. Open all the boards. One board is on the street.

Go inside the building, go to the front of the room. There is a information on the locker right. There is a gun with a silencer on the table. Take it. In the same room there is a board from telephone lines. Open it. Now, go to the computer and hold down E. So Kate set the modem. Now enter hacker mode key (H). Please note that your virus in the diagram on the left can not get lower. But if you insert the modem into the computer, and press the hacking mode key V, then the virus moves the icon of the computer.

Now go to the panel at the locked door and break it, to get the code 0177. Enter the code. Remember that you need to move to crack virus on  the icon on the doors scheme mode hacker, and then double-click the left mouse button.


Go through the door and go right. Climb the stairs to the right, turn the camera and stun policeman. From the table take away information. Go to another part of the warehouse, kill enemies, and under the stairs get another phone plate. Go to the second warehouse on the right. Last phone panel is in a small room in the corner of the warehouse. Get in there and turn off.

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