Walkthrough Close to the Sun

Walkthrough Close to the Sun

Read a detailed walkthrough of the quest-horror.

How to pass Close to the Sun

Prologue. The Brilliance of Ada

Watch the video; take the postcard from the bed. This is one of the varieties of collection items. Also there are IDs. Newspapers and notes provide additional information about the plot of the game, but are not collectible items.

You leave the room and go to the left along the corridor. There is a newspaper on the table, and another postcard on the couch. Exit on the deck through the door at the opposite end and turn around. You can go ahead on the left or right side. Go through the corridor on the left to find a postcard. Climb up, enter the observation deck and press the red button to complete the prologue and land at Helios.

Chapter 1. The Border of Hermes

Go outside, go to the pier and climb the stairs to get through the container. Go towards the entrance. There is a newspaper on the box to the right. Enter the booth on the left and pull the lever to create a bridge. Here is a wanted poster.

Go forward and to the right of the main door you will see the mock-up of the ship indicating your location. As you can see, there are 60 different compartments. Enter inside «Helios».

Go to the chairs to the right and on one of them find the ID (your passport). Jump over the turnstile and go forward. You will see a locked elevator. Need to disable two fuses. There is a newspaper on the chairs to the left of the elevator.

Stand with your back to the elevator and walk along the left corridor. Once in the spacious room, look at several tables to find a passport, newspaper and incident report. You need to turn two buttons with «arrows» to get to the room with the lever. This can be done by selecting: turn the top one, then rotate the bottom one over all positions, then turn the top one more time again and repeat the procedure. Inside there will be a lever that turns off the first fuse. You can also find a wanted poster and passport.

Go to another corridor from the elevator, enter the spacious room and study the tables. There are two newspapers and information about the interrogation. A room with a lever that turns off the fuse is open. Find the stairs in the corner and go upstairs to find a passport. A little further, there is a newspaper on the shelf.

Go down and open the small door with a lever and a green light bulb. Walk down the corridor to the interrogation room. Take away your passport from the table on the right; find a note and a newspaper on the left. There are two buttons on the wall in the far right corner. Turn both “left” to find a secret compartment with tools for torture. So you will learn exactly how the security service Nikola Tesla interrogated potential Edison spies. Go to the elevator, enter it and pick up the card. Insert it into the panel to go upstairs.

Chapter 2. The Fire of Prometheus

Pass through the rooms with various Tesla exhibits until you find yourself in a huge living room. After the vision, study it and find four masks in the first part of the hall. These are collectibles. Another collection we could not find.

There is the reception desk on the right. Jump over the cabinet and inspect the safe on the column. Nearby is a note with a code. This code must be placed on the right side of the safe where the arrow points. First rotate the outer circle, then the middle one, then the inner one. Take the key card from the elevator in the Faraday district. Enter the elevator to complete the chapter.

Chapter 3. The Home of Hestia

This is the longest chapter until the current game. In it you can find 5 photos and 3 additional key cards — collectible items of the game.

Take the only route until you see the locked lattice and the orange silhouette of the person behind it. Learn different newspapers. Enter the room and watch the cut-scene where Ada calms Rose.

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