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Walkthrough Conarium

Walkthrough the Conarium

Move forward. See the cut scene.

You will be on the territory of a scientific complex. Look around. Choose a flashlight that shines on a sparkling device. Turn it on by pressing F. Take the first note from the table in the corner. Press the J or RMB key to open a log with notes.

Exit the room, go left. At the fork you need see into the room on the left. Open the two boxes and read the note (on a cover of one of them. It says that to turn on the power, you need to activate the device from the outside. Go to the other side to find the metal door leading out. Unlike other doors, those that lead outside will change it to "gear", when you hover the cursor.

Once outside, you go along the street lamps to the left until you find another building. Go through the door and examine the panel on the left. There are two switches here, but they do not work. Enter the adjacent room. It will be necessary to push the door several times to open it. Then look to the left. There is a grate on the left hand - lift it and pull the generator on itself.

Open the lid and look into the tank - empty. There is a canister on the floor - take it and apply it to the tank to refuel. Next, inspect the broken rubber tube on the same generator. There is insulating tape inside the tool box (on the other side of the door). Apply it to the hose, and then pour the generator back into place.

Return to the first room and use both switches to light up two green light bulbs. The food of the complex is restored.

Go back and see the ghost. Follow him to the Living Rooms.

Examine the lockers on the left. Find a walkie-talkie in one of them on the top shelf. Follow the other way from the door (to the right), through the door with the inscription Private Room. Enter the first room on the left and you will see a closed metal cage on the table.

You need to solve the puzzle to open it. First, find the device with flashing red light bulbs on the next table on the right. Interact with it, and then click on the device to the right of the cell. You need to move the slider up and down (W and S) and rotate the toggle switch counterclockwise or clockwise (A and D) so that the red line coincides with the white line (both in speed and length). It will be necessary to do this twice - at first one lamp will light, then the other (green color).

When both are on, click the button on the side of the metal cage to open the first secret - talk to the robot's head.

Be sure to take the handle off the table.

Leave this place and look around the other rooms - all are closed. On one of them there is a sign with the name of Frank Gilman, the main character. Unfortunately, there is no key to it.

Go to the top of the residential apartments and follow straight from the door. In the room on the left, find a note. In the room on the right there will be a book inside the box - read the information about sculptures to open the trophy.

There is the key from one of the metal lockers in the drawers of the cabinet of the second room.

Inside the box (look at the tag on the keys to see the name) you will find another note - this is the second secret. There is another note on the table in the second room on the right.

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