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Walkthrough Cradle

You need read the note on the table after the appearance. Because it is clear that we need to prepare some meal for Ongotsa (a bird). To do this, follow the steps in the list.

How cook a meal for Ongotsa:

Heat the red pot. It is in the boxes opposite the stove. Put it on the stove, open the furnace underneath and throws the wood from the box next to and then a newspaper, they are too close (no paper on the floor). Lighter on the table to the left of the stove.

Add a glass of water. Glass is the same worktop, one of the cabinets. Turn on the water next to the tap and fill the cup and then pour it into the cauldron.

Add a couple of fruit olives. It is necessary to look at the water. Come out of the tent, go straight until you find the trees near the water. They grow fruit oil. Bring down their stick (LBM- raise RBM - throw). You need two pieces. Bring them at home. Take a knife in the tabletop in a drawerand and cut fruit (throw them on the table and use the RBM to them a knife). Halves put into a pan.

Add the dried root. It must be sought in the street, just to the left of the exit next to the socks dried 🙂 To crush it, raise a stupa at the last shelf and oblong pounder. Place the root and apply to it the pounder. The resulting mass is to throw into the pot.

Now you need to add salt. There are boxes of spices on a shelf and we need a second (or third) on the left. It not important is. Dish change and will look more appetizing. Done.

After the meal will be ready, go out and meet a bird - Ongotsa. It sits on a pole and you put the dish together. Then remove the protection Ongotsa previously unfastened straps. In the tent you will find another - you need us. It weighs on the wall beside the bed. Change clothes and the bird will fly away.


On the old protection you will find the code - 2053. Enter this code in the plate next to the bed on the left of the entrance. Here you'll find a puzzle about the toy, buried somewhere nearby. The scheme is as follows: go to the big stone right from the exit and not turning. On it will be the left arrow and where we're going. On the dried up and the crooked tree is one more arrow in the right to a great-great stone down the slope. In it you will find a box and in the sand. We take the chip and return home.

Put your found items in the robot's head, pre - pull the old. Now you need to find the remaining parts. In particular, kernel and synchronizer. They are in the car in the middle of the room. Twist them. If you do not know what they look like, you look at the poster next to the bed - there is a legend on spare parts. We put everything and start the machine button near the girl. We are talking.

After the girl in the body of the robot will ask you to find a part for the respiratory system and send you into a strange structure behind the yurt. Go in the direction and cross through the trees and over the fence. Inside the dome find himself and become a vertical pipe under it. By clicking the button, you will transfer to the correct room. Inside is a mini game where you have to reset the blue cube in the center of the room that they were going up. Collect all and get the desired item. Now go back, slipp on a pipe.  You need find the car with seats on the way and run it from the panel. Fight fence, press key on the panel to the left and take the item girl in the tent by inserting it in the chest.


Then you hear the ringing. Go outside and go to the sound (to the right from the exit of the yurt). There will wait a tram and some grandfather. Talk to him and promise to pick the "right" flowers. To do this, go into the tent, and the table, take the device, such as a magnifying glass and move back to the design behind the yurt. In the gardens of flowers find 2 red with the purity of 70% or higher, 1 orange - 80% and above, 1 Yellow - 90% and above.

Scheme recognition and digitization of colors

Move on the full flower your instrument to determine the genetic potential.

Hold LBM and look strictly at the center. If you could do it, you will see the scoreboard to the left "is ready» (complete), but if not - broken.

Read the flower so that the scan has been completed, and then measure the purity of the right to specify the device in the figures from 0 to 99. ↓


After you collect the right amount of flowers, go back into the tent and on the device type of printer digitize them. Open the tray, put a flower, close and start the process by using the menu on the right. So do until you get the right amount of flowers to seal the package (it is near printer on the boxes). Chat with a girl and then go to the complex behind the tent and do not forget to take the box.

Once you get inside, go to the yellow pipe on the first pavilion to the right. Inside again be short mini game: dump the purple cubes, blast blocks with a combination of pink and red. With glasses again we go, jump on the floating car, which broke the gate. Give a box to grandfather with tram. Instead you get that you order. Give devices the girl and change the worn and broken new.

The next mission - a pavilion № 10. He is not on the tube and to the left of the entrance. Wait until you open the door after the dialogue. Within the next game with dice. Throw off everything as it should be, we do not fall into the water and give parts to the girl. To replace the battery, first switch off Ida, then remove the chest and pull the right side of the old, and then insert a new one. Run Woman. Then she will ask to connect a new power supply. We need to find three akkumulyatora.


Where find the three battery?

The first - on a shelf in a yurt, just to the right of the robot and "printer".

Second - under the canopy

Third - for trough hawk next to tools in the grass near the fence.

Take the batteries under the canopy and put in a box. Now grab a plate over there under the awning at the board and climb to the roof of the yurt, screw the unit to the rack, go back into the tent and under the printer (on the floor) to find the remote that you want to apply to the TV, on the panel underneath. After the dialogue and you need go for parts under the dome. We were met by broken elevator. Climb to the left and the adjacent beams move to the 6 camera. Inside there are the cube again. We finish and go back to Ida. Change and go to the Tabah, he came. After the dialogue, he will give you the key to the chest, go home. Open the electronic lock on the nightstand next to no your bed, and read the contents of the diary. After that, take the nozzle and dress on the lantern that is on the shelf right of Ida.


Leave him on the street and go to the grave, that is to the right (a bit further into the steppe) from the exit, at the stones and sticks, reeled tape. In contrast inscriptions shine torch with a nozzle and see a hint - a symbol of the moon and sun in the circle. The answer on the parable is in the book that is in a box in a yurt, where there are icons and candles.

Go this way: alternating sun and the moon, look down at your feet. In the end, you come to the blue capsule, where you need to ask - "Who am I?". Pick up the key and go back to the house. Open the box and take out the big all of it. Then we shift and open underneath. Inside are letters and photographs. After talk with Ida.

Final ...


Bring half of Ida to the dome and place on the spot where the bird is sitting to the right of the entrance (to find the sound). After that, open the cover on the back of Ida and connect the cable that was lying behind. Dialogue and ... end.

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