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Walkthrough Crazy Machines 3

Walkthrough Crazy Machines 3

Beginner. Introduction

Garage Door Opener

In the first mission you will have to place one domino and a wooden board. Result: click on the button of the garage door opener. Place the domino on the free space. The board set exactly in the middle, so that all other objects do not fall down. Start the machine!


Early Bird Rescue

Next you need to make sure that the car drove into the egg left. Place the chair on a chair, ball - on the red button of the car's cabine. Set the old TV in the brown round stool left of the chair. Start the machine!


Laundry Day

Set domino on the board with other dominoes (upper left corner). Put a small shelf under board with metal ball. The basketball not fell down. Next, install the pipe to the right of the red button. Start the machine!


Build Like an Egyptian

Put a toy fist to the left of the basketball ball, so he hit the bottom on the top board. Place the wooden board to the right of the cube, which must be returned to the pyramid. Make it so that this board rested on another wooden board positioned vertically (to the right of the other toy fist). Put on top of the board (set by you) metal bars. Start the machine!


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