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Walkthrough Curse

Walkthrough Curse

You arrive at the Manor. The cab driver waits for you to exit the vehicle. Your Cell Phone Rings. You have the wrong number. Open the Dossier.

Atherton Manor. The prototypical Haunted House. It's almost two hundred years old and has sat vacant for the last eighty. The locals call the place "Blood Manor" because in the span of 100 plus years over 38 people went missing or died while visiting it. The facts are speculative at best. One report says the owner's wife stubbed her own eyes out... Then slit her own throat.

Another report spoke of three teenagers drowning within in courtyard fountain on Halloween night last year. People are afraid this place.

Read next page. Start to explore the Manson.

Game Curse 1

You have a key. Use it and go inside. It is dark. You have a flashlight. Right click or use the “F” key to toggle flashlight on/off. Go ahead to the door. As you enter, you notice your cell phone has gone completely dead. Look around. Go to the second floor.

You will see a ghost running straight at you.

Game Curse 2

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