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Walkthrough Dark Shores

Walkthrough Dark Shores

You will find yourself in a locked room. The room will flood.

After cut-scene you come to the girl near the guy on the ground.

Find a bandage for Jack

You get the first job. Turn around and see the boxes on the sand. One of them is highlighted in blue flame. Go to it and interact by pressing E. Return to Daniele and take the bandage, use the same key.

Find fresh water

Go to the right, along the beach. Soon you will see the purple smoke. Go to it and go to another part of the scene. After downloading you need to go into through wooden tunnels. Use the CTRL key to get down. At the end of the road you will see a small pond. Examine it to update the task. Return by the same route back to the bank, where you will find Danielle.

Search the beach under palm trees and find 5-6 coconuts until the job is not upgraded. Again, talk with Daniel.

Go back to the pond Get water. Move in the opposite direction and turn around. Press the key R.

Now you need to find Jay.

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