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Walkthrough Dark Souls 3

Cemetery of Ash

Walkthrough of game Dark Souls 3 begins with a prologue. After the cut scene you will train. In the end, you find yourself in a cemetery of Ash. Soon you will see your first enemy. Cut him and pick up the white sphere. Follow the path, kill enemies one by one.

When you approach the base of the fountain, you will see several enemies. You'll have to kill them, to lift the jar. Use it to fill up "focus point". Take the right to meet the next opponent. Hit the enemy in the back. This is the secretive murder.

Go to the other side of the fountain, where you will find enemies. After killing them, move forward. Ahead you should see a huge crystal lizard. Do not come back, otherwise the game will revive the very same opponents.

Giant crystal lizard

Kill the lizard will not be difficult. Just dodge and counterattack. Use light attacks, and after the lizard attacks you can use heavy attacks. After killing the enemy, you pick up loot. Move towards the top of the hill, where you will find the first fire. In total there are two on locations.

Interact with it to replenish health points and focus. Follow down and finish off the archers and other opponents. Try different routes down. Somewhere in there you can find a fragment of titanite from the trunk. Go inside the room and do all the things you have been taught before. Before the battle with the boss you need go back to the fire to replenish health and focus points.

Boss Ludex Gundyr

So, before you is the first boss of the game. Not so easy to kill him] It will turn into a giant monster as soon as the stock of his health drops to 50%. On our site there is a special guide for the battle with the boss in Dark Souls 3. Take a look at this link and find how easy kill Ludex Gundyr. When you kill an enemy, you get a sword (pull out his chest) and about 3,000 souls. Make the fire and go to the old green locked door.

After the door, you run into a bunch of enemies, it is necessary to kill them all. Go to the right side to get to the location Firelink Shrine.



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