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Walkthrough Darkest Dungeon (All levels, bosses)

We Are the Flame

The first mission of the mini-campaign is the light. Gradually appear opponents with more powerful attacks. Since the room is not by chance are generated, you have to move out of the left corner of the map to the right. In the corridors is nothing special, but one trunk, which, however, you do not need. Therefore, go back is not necessary.

Your task - to get to the mini-boss named Shuffling Horror and destroy it.

Here you will encounter two opponents, which were already familiar - Ascended Brawler and Ascended Witc. But this time their attack will be more powerful. Their attacks or weaken you, or will cause bleeding. Defeat them more difficult. Nevertheless, the battle tactics remain the same: kill first of all the Witches!

New enemies

There will be new opponents - cultists. This is quite harmless creatures that will not attack your squad. Their only task is - to treat or protect allies them with his body. It would be better if you kill them at the very beginning of the battle. If this is not done, then your treatment or protection, they only prolong the fight

The enemy, whom you should fear is Cultist priest. His attacks do decent damage, weaken the purpose and may even hit the two characters in your party at a time. These enemies are vulnerable to stun. Against them ideal use Helion and Bounty Hunter.

Boss Shuffling Horror

Just as is the case with Shemblerom, the battle can’t be delayed. The extra combat rounds entail serious consequences.

Study the dark corridors of the dungeon and you will soon reach the destination and will meet the boss named Tricky horror. The manner of fighting and appearance he resembles Shembler. As is the case with Shembler, Horror will call on the field of battle other monsters. The danger is that he may call a sectarian-Priest.

Your worst enemy is stress. The difference between the monsters is that you do not have a quick way to defeat the boss. The best tactic - apply dot damage, causing bleeding and poisoning. It moves twice in one turn, so the damage is twice from bleeding and poisoning. Use regular attacks aimed against his creatures.

The key to victory is management for stress. Without Jester or Psar, which have powerful healing ability of stress, you will not be able to feel confident in this fight. The best choice of these two characters can be called the Jester, which can improve the accuracy, speed and critical strike chance for the whole squad. This is in addition to the powerful healing stress.

Good squad in the fight against this boss is composed of the following characters:

  1. Jester. The Perfect Fighter is an assistant for the entire detachment. He will heal your characters from stress and improve their accuracy, speed and critical strike chance. You can take instead Psar, but he will only be able to treat stress.
  2. Helion. His useful characteristics - high damage, the possibility of applying the powerful enemy bleeding, which makes the fight much easier. Iron Swan is useful to you in the battles during the walkthrough of the dungeon, when you need to kill opponents in the fourth row.
  3. The occultist. Heals, weakens and marks the target. The last ability is consistent with the fourth character, which is described below.
  4. The Bounty Hunter. It harmonizes perfectly with the occultist, who can mark targets. In addition, he has an amazing ability to enter into chaos opponents.

Of course, this is not the only set of characters that will help you defeat the enemy. At least, with this squad, you will be much easier to destroy this monster. Remember one thing: the battle with the boss should not take much of your time. Try to finish the fight as soon as possible. Stress levels can quickly surpass the level of healing the characters Jester or Psar. After defeating an opponent you get the three gadgets that are necessary for the walkthrough of the second quest.

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