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Walkthrough Darkness Ahead

Goal. You have to find your brother.

Look around after the start of the game. Go to the front of the lantern. Next, you should see the house with light (the light will be in the same window).


Perhaps there is a brother of the protagonist. Go around the fence and go inside the house. From the table take away the note with the number "2", and locate the fireplace and pick up a flashlight from the floor. Press the key F to use it.


Climb the stairs and on the floor of the second floor get the second note with the number "1". You will see a new entry in the journal, and the goal will be updated.

Goal. You need to search other houses.

Press the J key at any time during the game to see your current job.

Come out and walk towards the big house.


Along the way there are stone boulders and truck. There is a lantern on one of the boulders.

Try to go down the street without a lantern, to save energy.

Now you don’t go to the big house. Follow each of the small houses in a line with the first. So, in the first house you've been. In the second, you can find a note with the number "3" and the battery. You can find an ax in the third house on the second floor. There is battery in the fourth house in the cart. Break the boards, use ax. Inside, you look for only the battery.

From the last of the building, go diagonally to the side of the big house. Not far from it there is fenced area with benches and a fire in a barrel. On one bench there is a note with the number "4" on the other - the battery.


Walk around a large building in a circle and you will see that everywhere there is a fence. Press J, to open the magazine. You will see a new entry.

Goal. There is closed the door on the second floor of house with light...

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