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Walkthrough Darksiders 3


See the introductory video. Go ahead and kill all opponents. Climb up, jump to the side of the pipe and hook onto it by clicking LMB. Soon you will fight with Envy. You need time to dodge and conduct their own attacks in the battle with the enemy. Strikes after a successful dodge (in slowing down time) cause magical damage. All the others are physical. Destroy a third of health and enemy will fall down. Jump onto the ledge, follow the walls, cling to the pipes, and then attack enemy in the air. Destroy another third of health. It will be necessary to repeat the actions of the previous stage.


After winning go the only route and jump over the abyss. Kill the enemies in the city. Enter the building and go down to the basement. Jump over the pipes; kill many mutants until you get to the hole in the floor, cobweb and beetle. Pick up a beetle and take it to the red puddle. He will eat liquid and turn red. Pick up it again and throw it at the cobweb to burn it.

Go through the subway. Kill the enemies with claws and find a new pedestal of Vulgrim. Next will be a burrow of bugs. Take the beetle and move with it to the cobweb on the lower right. There is a bag with red liquid next to the cobweb. Hit it to form a puddle. The beetle will drink the liquid, and you will have to throw it into the cobweb. Go ahead and fight the big Rhinoceros Beetle. It is throwing small creatures.

Look around after winning. Destroy another bag of liquid, lure a beetle to it and throw it into the cobweb for an explosion. Wait for the emergence of a new beetle from the hole on the left. Take it and go through the opened passage. You get to the orange cobweb, another red puddle and another beetle. Put the beetle down here; throw another into the orange cobweb. When the second eats, pick it up and run through the passage behind the orange cobweb. This cobweb will appear on the ground. You must hurry so that the beetle does not explode in the hands. It must be thrown into the ordinary cobweb for the orange.

Move on until you meet Wrath. Fight against opponents.


After winning you will get a new Flame hollow. The Lord of the Void will give it to you. Go up the stairs, burn the orange cobweb, holding the RMB. Move through the lava. Jump on two high ledges in a double jump. You need to hold down the "Space" in the Flame hollow for the second time. So the Wrath accelerates upwards. Click on the button in the floor to turn the wall, and then pass behind it.

Save at the Vulgrim pedestal. Hit on the white sword in the center opposite the door. When the door opens, then you go ahead. Kill skeletons. Get to the white sword. It lifts the wall in the corridor on the right. Do not rush. Are you interested  where to look for the Essence of Chosen in Darksiders 3?

So you need to go past the sword forward, and not to the right, where the wall rose. Destroy the jugs at a dead end and find a manhole in the lower left. Crawl through it, pull the lever in the room and go back. Go back to where you came from, but turn into the opened corridor on the right (in front of the steps down to where the skeleton-archer stood). This path leads to the additional boss Flame Warden. It is difficult to defeat him. If you win the enemy you will receive the Essence of Chosen.

Go back, attack the sword and find yourself in a new room. There are two swords on the left and right sides. Use a normal blow to activate the right. Use burning orange cobweb to activate the left. It must be done at the same time. Set fire to the edges of the orange cobweb, located as far as possible from the left sword. Then run to the right sword and attack it without a pause. If both burn at the same time, the bridge will rise.

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