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Walkthrough Day of the Tentacle Remastered

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Usе the mouse for the movement of the character. Left-click on any location to your hero went there. When you hover over an interactive object, you'll see any labels.

You can interact with objects in different ways. For example, you can view; try to take the object to use it anything and so on. Click on the project right-click and hold it. You will see a window with the images. Different icons are responsible for different actions. It is clear that the image of the "palms" will allow you to take the subject, "eyes" - to examine him.


Take a flyer on the foreground of the screen (at the bottom of the screen). In an open window on the left side is visible metal plate. Take it. Go to the phone. It is on the wall to the right and pull the coin. There is a door to the office near the phone. Open the door and go into the room.

Look at the table and take away from him bankbook. Open the drawer in the same table and pull Booboo-B-Gone. Leave the room and look at the clock to the right of the phone. Open them; you get into a secret laboratory.

After the cut-scene you need go to the right side of the lab. Do you see in the background a board with the inscription TO DO? Remove paper with professor plans from this board.


Move to the left and you will see the entrance to the house. Open the mailbox near the entrance and take out the letter. Open the door to the house, go inside. You can talk to all topics with the mummy. Open again the clock and wade into them. Transfer Point Edison plans. Take a hammer, which is located on the left side of Edison.

Give Bernard the letter from Mailbox. To do this, open the inventory, move the cursor to the letter and hold the left mouse button. Next, move the cursor to the letter to Bernard icon in the inventory to the right, then release the button. Go up the stairs and exit the lab. Go to the second floor and enter the nearest room.

Enter the room, move the cursor onto the bed and then select the icon with the red lever. This function is to "use". Hoagy overturns bed. Now pull the rope located on the left side of the front door. You will see the maid. Leave the room and pull the truck out of the maid of a bar of soap. Go to the right, next door to ignore. Log in to the one that will come after (the third in a row from left to right of the stairs). Take a bottle of wine in the box.

Leave the room; move even higher, to the third floor. Go through the door on the left side. Catch up on all topics with Ned, and when you are done talking, then apply a hammer found on the desk of Edison, on the other hammer. So you change the hammer right hand on the hammer for the left hand, which is why Ned destroys the statue.

Leave the room and go to the fourth floor. Take a can of red paint and re-use the bed. You will see a cat near the bed. Move the cursor to the bed of sculptor Ned to find a squeaky mattress. Use the mattress on the bed Jed.

Note. The updated version of the game, I have not figured out how to move the mattress. It was necessary to do so: Press the Esc, go to Options, select Settings, and in the first line instead Remastered select Classic. Now close the menu and continue the game (Resume). Interface of control character is different. Select the lower left Use the command menu Click first on the mattress on the bed Ned, and then - by Jed bed. Now you can return to the menu and re-select the version Remastered.

Then interact with Jed bed that the cat ran up to it already. Take a mouse toy as soon as possible and follow down to the first floor.

Go through the double doors at the entrance. Above this door still hangs a sign ‘MAIN HALL’. Open the small door and go to the kitchen. Look for oil and pasta on a shelf. Enter the door on the right side and pick up a bucket. Open the door of the red tables on the left and pull it out of the brush. Go back and use the bucket on the water pump. Return to the room where the Washington, Jefferson and Hancock (MAIN HALL). Use the bottle of wine, found on the second floor, in the time capsule, located on the table, behind which sit Jefferson and Hancock (right side of the room, just cannot see them). Go into the garden about a time machine, which use the bank of red paint on the tree with the fruit growing on the left side of the time machine.

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