Walkthrough All Missions Day’s Gone
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Full Walkthrough Days Gone

Read Walkthrough of All Missions of the game Day’s Gone.

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Bad Way To Go Out

Watch the introductory video. You will see the main character of the game, Deacon, his wounded wife Sarah and the best friend Boozer.

After loading, Boozer and Deacon will pursue a certain Leon. Follow Boozer. Use the R2 button to accelerate, while X allows you to activate nitrous oxide. In addition, the circle and L2 buttons are very important - braking and reverse respectively. Follow Boozer until the cut-scene starts.

Shot of mercy

Click on R3 to activate the tracker's view. Now you will see traces, but in the future, the skill can be improved to see the shape of objects and opponents through walls and other objects. Go behind Boozer, crouch on the circle, go between two stones and study the tracks on the grass, in which Boozer is standing. In the future, such mechanics will often be used to search for targets.

Continue to move, find the tracks in the destroyed camp with tents. Follow the mountain and jump over the fence to the right (click on the X). Go down the hill and watch the cut-scene. Go back to the bike. In the same camp, look for cloths and a sterilizer to create a bandage through the survival menu. Hold down L1 to do this, with the right analogue, select the tab with medicines, bandages and hold R2 to create. The same scheme, but with R1 is used to apply bandages. You can hold the left arrow for quick treatment Watch the video. Deacon notes that he needs a fuel pump.

I Say We Head North

Sit down to Boozer and wait for him to take you to O'Leary Peak. The way ahead is blocked by cars. Help Boozer to move the army jeep. Come and hold the “square”. Fight opponents by clicking on the specified melee buttons. Continue with Boozer.

Go forward through the tunnel, kill Freaks with a shotgun. Turn off the alarm under the hood. You can almost always get ammunition from the trunk of a police car. Go around the barrier through the corridor on the left. Defeat the Freak and slide the blue jeep, push it through the open doorway on the right. Kill Freaks again and turn off the alarm. You can use the down arrow to turn the flashlight on and off.

Take the bottle and kerosene from the motorcycle, find the throwing objects through the survival menu and create the Molotov cocktail. Drop it into the freak nest on the right. All nests are easily recognized by the presence of dry grass and twigs and the hole from which freaks can appear. Every time you burn a nest, Freaks fall out of it. During the day there are more of them, but they are weaker, at night - less, but stronger.

You Got A Death Wish

Next will be gas station with Newts. Newts are mutated children. By nature, creatures are shy. They never attack first unless you get close to them or you do not open fire. Move on the right side, kill lonely Freaks. Get into the house and get to the other end. You can explore another building on the left. In one room, there is a note with a code, in the other - a safe with an item. Throw this item anywhere, and it will attract all freaks.

Go over the fence, follow the marker, enter the garage and search it. Enter the courtyard and see the Newts climbing onto the roof of the other garage. Use the wooden structure to get higher and through the hole into the building. Have to kill a few Newts. Inside, get into the back room and find a gasoline pump on the table with a motorcycle. Boozer was attacked by the enemy. Run to him and save your friend.

Drifters on the mountain

After the video, you will find yourself on O'Leary Mountain. So far there is nothing interesting. The same weapon cabinet is useless: only the weapon that you buy from the merchants will appear in it (picked up from opponents - it does not count!).

Exit the base to notice the marauder. Chase him. In the marauder camp, you will learn about using binoculars. Click on the down arrow to get it. Use the R2 key (when using binoculars) to leave marks on opponents. In this case, you will know their location, even if they are located behind a wall. Kill your enemies silently or shoot everyone. Total you need to destroy 6 marauders. Do not forget to search the corpse of every living enemy: in addition to weapons, everyone has some kind of resource (bandage and so on).

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