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Walkthrough Dead by Daylight: How to Play & How to Win

Walkthrough Dead by Daylight: How to Play & How to Win


  1. You need save own people. You can very quickly run generators, open the gate and escape.
  2. Listen and run.
  3. Hide in the closet (a bad idea), but if nowhere else, or you're in the basement of a maniac, you should definitely do it.
  4. Walk together. (If you are attacked, then try to find each other.)
  5. Follow the maniac if he took your people. If he could not hang your people on a hook, you need to shine in his face, and he will throw your teammate.
  6. Gently work your way around the map.
  7. Check traps, chainsaw noise or blurry body.
  8. Do not try to get out of the hook, if you do not have a special skill ‘Slippery meat’.
  9. You need wait all own people and escape together. (It no one is chasing you)
  10. Climb windows and other objects without shift.
  11. Look for the door; look for a maniac.


  1. Listen where the crows flew away, where someone makes a noise.
  2. Use your abilities.
  3. Do not leave one hanged.
  4. If someone is hanged, then get away from it for a short distance and watch.
  5. Do not let the survivors open door or get into the hatch.
  6. Do not rush with the beat.
  7. If the survivor escapes, then go around any windows and planks that slow you.
  8. Try to deceive them.
  9. Do not run once for all, get yourself one goal and beat until you hang on a hook.
  10. Find the generators and move away for some distance, wait when your pig will go.
  11. When survive jump in the door, you can still stop him - beat him, then will the animation.


This is just my advice. You certainly can act differently. Just offer your suggestions in the comments.

If you want to play with a friend, then press Join a lobby on 1 2 3. After a few attempts, you will get a friend or a friend to you.

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