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Walkthrough Deadlight Director’s Cut

Walkthrough Deadlight Director's Cut

After an introductory video move to the left side, until you find yourself in a spacious hall. There is a slope covered with wooden planks. Move up and push the object. It falls down. Hold down the key E to grab the object. We need to throw zombies into the abyss.

Stand on the other side of the pit and ensnare. They will go to you and fall into a pit. Then go down the stairs. Hold the button S. Move another object in the right-hand side, where there is a passage. Climb higher and find yourself in a room with the green button. Go to this button. Click on it when you attack zombies.

The load will fall from above and crush the enemy. Move to the left side, leave the building and see the stairs leading up. Climb up and jump to the other stairs. Climb higher still and jump to the roof on the left side. Run through the roof and find yourself near a precipice. Hold down the right SHIFT key, the run-up to make the longest jump in the direction of the next steps.

When you go down, you will see certain places where there is electricity. Press the F key to attract the attention of the dead. They will go to you and get into the electric trap. Jump and run towards the red box. Slam on this box to disable the current at the top. Climb up and climb over the fence.

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