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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Descendant

Walkthrough of the Descendant

After the accident survivors awaken from a cryogenic sleep in underground bunkers, called "ark". It took several centuries. All "Ark" were open, except for one - "Ark-01."

The game unfolds in two time intervals. Accordingly, the player will control two different characters. The first main character - a janitor named Mia, who was assigned to keep in precious offspring integrity and safety, be placed in the "Ark-01." It's past time. And in this time you play for Donnie, one of the researchers who are trying to save all the surviving descendants who are trapped in the "Ark-01." you will soon discover the sinister conspiracy…
Every your action, every choice you make will impact on who of the survivors will live, and who - will die. In your hands will be the fate of not only the "Ark-01", but of all mankind. Will you save humanity?


Key features of the game:

Episodic adventure that consist of several time intervals.

Gameplay researchers, challenging puzzles, intense action.

Difficult choice, a lot of dialogue.

History - full of drama and tension. Every choice the player affects the destiny of mankind.

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