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Walkthrough Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Walkthrough Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Mission 1. Black Market Buy

Listen to the briefing director by James Miller. He tells about Shepard - the supplier of weapons for terrorists. Events taking place in the mission of the unfinished hotel in Dubai, in 2029. Shepard is going to meet Singh in the main atrium of the hotel, and the people of Jinn must protect penthouse. Your mission is to arrest two opponents.

Jensen starts alone on the roof. The main objective is to separate Jinn. You need to block the elevator shaft. During the briefing, Miller will give you a choice - to pass the mission lethal or non lethal method. Further walkthrough describes without killings. Take a long-range weapon with a tranquilizer. You will also learn that there's threat of a sandstorm. Therefore, we must act as quickly as possible.

Seal Off Access To The Atrium

After the cut scene you will manage by Jensen. Move to the side of the entrance. Miller will direct you; he chooses a favorable route from the roof. Direct path can be risky. Move forward, turn right, and then jump down. On one's hunkers you need to move to the entrance. There is a vent to the right of you. Remove the cover and move the access point. Once up the stairs, look for a heavy plate on the right side. Move them to go further.

Restore Power to the Keypad

Hold down the button and move on to grab the high ledge. When you reach the point of entry, Duncan will update the job and ask you to hack the keyboard. Firstly, use the smart vision to find keypad and secure routes. Break the wall, go inside and see the broken keyboard. Please use the same smart vision to find the switch and activate the power supply. Jump up and use ventilation to approach marker.

Education and shelter stealth

Use the skill "Hack" to get the access code for your keyboard. Open the door, you can log in system of learning and study skills. After training do the same, but in the walkthrough of the storyline. You dealt with the goals, take the elevator to move to the penthouse.

Make sure that you passed stealth training that will help you understand the game mechanics. Defeat the two guards, and then grab a metal box and follow through the vent hole. So you find yourself inside. After you leave the ventilation, you can be trained in martial arts. This training is important if you are going to pass the mission with a fatal outcome. Defeat the enemies and go to the marker where there are Singh and Shepard.

Note. Fan out all the corpses to find grenades and other useful items.

Stop the helicopter

Once you reach to the marker, you will see another keyboard that you want to hack. When you do, you will start the cut-scene. Get ready for a real battle. Use the elevator to get to the atrium and to begin the battle with the terrorists. There's threat of sandstorm. We must act quickly. Your secondary objective is - to protect Singh. Move in the direction of the helicopter and remove the battery from the hood.

Note. Use smart vision to find Singh and helicopter.

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