Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
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Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Prologue. Go the only route, kill enemies, and then fight with the boss. It is impossible to destroy him at the moment, so sooner or later Nero will be defeated.

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Mission 1. Nero

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Kill the enemies on the bridge and go forward. Look for red crystals and break them to get Red Orb. Red Orb is a game currency that is used to purchase skills. Read carefully the tips that the game gives you. You will learn about Devil Breaker.

Destroy the big tentacles, and then jump off the bridge and kill the red insect. It cannot attack you, but it is the source of the Red Orb. You can find the first fragment of the Blue Orb under the bridge. Collect four of these fragments and get a full Orb, increasing the stock of health points.

Go forward until you meet the Qliphot Roots. This is the first boss in the game. Attack it to the red flesh, while not forget to dodge the tentacles. You can not destroy tentacles. Then watch the video.

Mission 2. Qliphoth

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Read the letter from Morrison, pick up the new Devil Breakers, and go forward between the streets. Kill the first enemies, and then go to the right on the fork to the right to find a red insect with prey. Get to the house and kill new opponents. Go inside, deal with new enemies and go along the corridor to the next room. Look in different rooms, collect red crystals. Sooner or later, after the stairs - you will enter the room with the first secret mission. Stand near the bed, where a luminous dot will appear on the floor. Look at the seal so to see the full circle. This will allow you to start Secret Mission 01.

Kill all opponents before the time is over. So you complete the level and get the reward - another fragment of the Blue Orb.

Follow until you are outside. Along the way, it is necessary to extract parasites from the tentacles, which will allow destroying the plants blocking the path. This will have to be done twice. Hold down the CTRL key to understand where to go next in the story.

Once on the street, kill the enemies and go to the far lane on the left to get the parasite from the tentacle. Go back to the street. You fall into a hole where you have to kill two new opponents. Do this and apply the parasite to the plant on the right to go further. In the end, you get to the phone. Answer and Niko appears. She will appear almost always before boss fights. It will be necessary to look for the phone.

How to beat Goliath

Next is Goliath. Dodge his strikes; try to keep from his back to safely attack the boss. The battle will be transferred to different places.

Mission 3. Flying Hunter

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

After the cut-scene, stand on the fire plate and use Shift with the mouse wheel to move to the next building. Explore each building before moving on to the next so that you can find different objects. For example, on the first building you can to find a fragment of the Blue Orb, on the next - inside there are red crystals and a Gold Orb, which is the subject for resurrection.

You can climb higher from one of the buildings along the road. Shoot into a dark sphere, floating in the air. Use Devil Breakers and find yourself on the next building. Kill the red insects, take away the Gold Orb and move to the adjacent roof with the help of a plate to destroy a large red tree. Go back and move to the tunnel under the road, using the platform.

Inside, destroy the blood clots on the right, go to the next tunnel and see two blocked openings. Go to the end, destroy another blood clot and go to the right. There will be other clots. When you destroy them, monsters will appear. Do this and follow the previous tunnel. Go through the aisle with a green sign.

Climb the stairs to go to the library. If you go up even higher on the stairs and turn around, then you will see a ledge. It leads to a fragment of the Blue Orb, but to get there, you need to unlock a double jump (20,000 spheres). Move through the library; kill new monsters until you find yourself in the waiting room with the phone. Use it to call Niko, and then go to another room, where the battle with the new boss will take place.

How to beat Artemis

In a battle with her, you need to dodge vertical charges and jump over horizontal ones. Use the Devil Breakers to attract the boss, and attack her. When Artemis rises, use two grips to climb to her and attack. Sooner or later you will win.

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