Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
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Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Mission 4. V

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

In this chapter you will play for the new hero - V, who calls on the Shadow, the Griffon and the Nightmare to attack opponents. LMB - to attack the Shadow in the melee, RMB – attack by Griffon from a distance. But only V can kill wounded enemies - select the opponent and click on the mouse wheel.

Kill the first enemies, go through the building and kill the demonic bats. Do not go down and go to the right to destroy the blood clot and destroy the red wood. Below you are using Nightmare for the first time.

Having done this, go to the bridge and destroy the blood clot. After the cut-scene, take Nidhogg Hatchling on the left. Kill the enemies and enter the building to find a shard of the Purple Orb. Similar to blue splinters, four such items give a full Orb, but increase the demon scale.

Move forward and get out of the building where you need to fight with opponents. Pay attention to the ruined wall. Jump inside the building and find a fragment of the Blue Orb above. Exit to the backyard and find the second Nidhogg Hatchling.

Go back and go the only way, until Qliphot Roots appear on the left. Insert a parasite to destroy them and pick up a fragment of the Blue Orb. Go back to the second Nidhogg Hatchling, and then back to where the Orb has just been found. Insert the parasite in the second root, go upstairs and be able to activate the secret mission 03.

Follow further, kill enemies until you see the phone. After that, you will have a fight with the boss.

How to beat Nidhogg

Attack his big roots to simplify the battle. When all three are destroyed, Nidhogg will fall to the ground. This is your real chance. Repeat action to win.

Mission 5. The Devil Sword Sparda

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

We continue to play for V. Get to the blood clots in the tunnel, destroy them and enter the building with the ship. Climb up the plates and destroy the blood clot. Move around the ship. When climb the containers, win the battle and go down, then turn around and see the passage to the fragment of the Blue Orb. Go around the ship, destroy the red wood on the containers and jump down to fight Empusa-Queen for the first time.

Defeat her, you will open the way further. Move there, climb up using the boards on the right so that you can pick up a piece of the Purple Orb. Destroy the blood clot in front and jump down after leaving the building with the ship.

Get out of the sewer; kill enemies on the way. You can find the Gold Orb before leaving. On the outside use the telephone and then go to the battlefield.

How to kill Elder Geryon Knight

Attack him with all the demons that you have. V must remain at a distance. Dodge various attacks, especially when the horse jumps on you. The fight will not be difficult.

Mission 6. Steel Impact

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

In this mission, you will fight with Gilgamesh - a ten-meter giant on four legs.

How to kill Gilgamesh

You need to attack a blood clot on his back to damage Gilgamesh. Beat the growths on his legs to climb on his back. Capture points will appear. Use the cable on them and Nero will automatically jump on his back. In addition, from time to time Gilgamesh will have one paw to fall into the dock. This is the easiest opportunity to get on his back.

Mission 7. United Front

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Choose one of two characters for which you will play - V or Nero. They have the same path, and you will not find secret missions here. Go ahead and find a new opponent. Kill the enemies, enter the next room and destroy him. Also soon there will appear large Qliphot Roots, from which monsters go into our world. If there is such a root in a battle, then destroy it first.

You need to follow through the subway station, destroy enemies and blood clots. Indoors with cars, examine every corner to find a Gold Orb. Use the phone and get out, then go down to the ruined theater. Instead of bosses you have to fight with a squad of new enemies - Scudo and Proto Angelo. In the role of Nero, use the cable in a jump to attract knights with shields and attack while they are defenseless. In the role of V, stay away from opponents. Do not forget that, standing next to Shadow and Griffon, you allow them to quickly restore their health points (vertical bars in the upper left corner).

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