Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
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Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Mission 8. Demon King

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Move through the ruins, kill the enemies and you will see stone platforms moving upward. Climb one of them to the top. Kill the enemies and enter the river of blood. Find a red tree on the ledge and get to the room with Baphomet - new enemies.

Go to them as soon as possible, until they not yet had time to attack the main character with ice shards. There is a fragment of the Blue Orb on the ledge ahead, but it can only be reached with the help of the Skill (you can open this skill during the second walkthrough of the game (when Nero has a demon form).

Follow until you discover new platforms. Climb over them and jump onto the ledges on the right, where there is a mechanical arm and Red Orb. Look up and see a dark sphere. Shoot it, pull it, shoot it in the second one and pull it to climb up. In addition to useful loot, you will find a seal for secret mission 05.

Go back to the platform, climb to the very top and go forward. Go around the river of blood, kill the Qliphot Roots and find a fragment of the Blue Orb near the entrance. This path will lead you to Urizen.

How to beat Urizen

You need to attack the yellow item that protects him. As soon as you destroy this item, Urizen will rise to his feet. Continue the battle, but win here will not succeed. In general, you just have to go through the first phase of the battle, and when Urizen is on his feet, and then just surrender to him.

Mission 9. Genesis

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Follow further until you find a new enemy - Behemoth. You need to break the shackles to kill him. But as soon as this happens, the monster will become more mobile. On the other hand, he attacks the rest of the demons. Keep moving, kill opponents, but do not rush down to the remains of the cemetery. On the left, you will see a passage with a fragment of a Blue Orb and a blood clot. Approach the roots blocking the path and call the Nightmare on F, look at the blood clot. Your monster will destroy the clots. Go inside. Take away the shard, climb the hill and activate the seal for secret mission 06.

Go through the cemetery, enter the crypt, kill the enemies and jump into the pit. Kill other enemies; do not rush to jump down. Opposite there is a ledge. Jump there and get to the fragment of the Blue Orb, located even higher. Continue on the only route. When you get out of the crypt, then you will find the Gold Orb on the right. Pick it up and destroy the enemies that appear. Use the phone in front and enter the battlefield, where you need to kill three new monsters. They will be instead of the boss in this chapter.

Mission 10. Awaken

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

This is the first task that you can pass for Dante. Use the tips on the screen and destroy the enemies standing in the way. Soon you will meet a new enemy - Chaos.

During the passage of this mission will appear passes with teeth. After the second such pass, proceed further and destroy two red growths in the corridor. Do not rush to go forward, but take a look at your right hand. Jump to the sphere, go ahead and in the secret room defeat Empusa. At the end there will be Empuse-queen. Kill her and a fragment of the Blue Orb will appear.

Soon you will meet a new opponent - Hell Pyrobat. Destroy it as soon as possible. If at the end he started to swell up, then run away, otherwise the explosion will touch Dante. As soon as you get into the room with two passes with teeth, then kill the enemies and decide what is more important to you at the moment. If you go to the left passage, you will find the Gold Orb, in the right - you activate the secret mission 07.

Climb up the disappearing platforms. When there are several of them (three in a row), then, on the top - turn around and see a platform with a Gold Orb. Take it away. In the end, you will need to fight Urizen, which was at the beginning of the game. It is useless to fight, so you can immediately surrender.

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