walkthrough Devil May Cry 5
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Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

On February 7, 2019, a free demo version of the game Devil May Cry 5 became available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The trial version is about 15-20 minutes depending on how quickly you overcome the location area and how soon defeat Goliath.

Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5 demo

Nero has a mechanical arm called the Devil Breaker. And in the game, you will have the opportunity to rearrange different mechanical hands. Each hand gives certain abilities and techniques. Demo versions include Overture, Punch Line and Gerbera.

The principle of character pumping has remained the same: to unlock new tricks, strikes and purchase consumables (charges for Devil Breaker) you will have to collect red spheres. Look for phone booths in the game to spend these spheres and call Nero's girlfriend. Interact with the van to order improvements.

After the introductory video, go forward and destroy the cluster of red spheres on the right to get the first currency. Go through the shopping mall and learn the different techniques that the game tells you. There will be another cluster of red spheres on the left. Go forward and descend the stairs to other areas, then turn left to face the first enemies.

Прохождение Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

Here you will learn about the application of Devil Breaker. Click on the circle for a normal attack. This technique does not consume the charge of Devil Breaker, but if you take damage while performing a strike, the charge will be spent. You can also use a powerful charged attack. To do this, hold the "circle" for a few seconds. You will do a lot of damage, but the charge of Devil Breaker will be consumed.

Do not forget to use the target lock (click on the left analog). After the victory, go ahead, pick up the Gerbera and destroy the tentacles. Along the way, you will pick up a green sphere that allows you to restore health points.

Go inside the building, and fight with other monsters after loading. Get out, jump down and defeat new enemies, including flying creatures. Walk along the right street and you will find a passage on the left (blocked by tree roots). You need parasitic Nidhogg Hatchling to destroy a demon tree root. Obstacle is on the left, and you go past it forward and turn into the left alley. Kill the enemies and at the very end look for a hatchling. Go back and apply it to the obstacle.

Follow the only path until you find the first phone booth. Call the van Niko to spend the collected red spheres. Soon you will reach the tower on this route, where you are attacked by the incandescent colossus Goliath.

Прохождение Devil May Cry 5
Walkthrough Devil May Cry 5

At the beginning of the battle, you will fight from above. Attack the enemy, dodge his sweeping attacks. When the boss has about 80% of his health points, he will destroy the floor, and you will find yourself inside the cathedral. Continue to dodge and, if possible you attack the enemy from behind. When the monster starts to suck everything around, just move around the location and stay away from him.

As soon as he will have half of the maximum stock of health points, you attack the boss in the open air. Dodge until he starts screaming, spreading his paws apart. Run away quickly, because there will be an explosion. You can use the charged attack of the Devil Breaker to defeat the enemy.


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