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Walkthrough Dishonored 2

Mission 1. The long road to Danuoll Danuoll, 1834-1852

Start the game and receive training by the father of Emily, Corvo Atta. There will be several training. You will learn about mobility, stealth, combat and crossbow during the first ten minutes of the game. Upon completion of training, you can begin to walkthrough storyline of Dishonored 2. 01

Ceremony Jessamine Koldvin

Emily tells you a brief history of the past. You will learn how Atta trained Emily last 15 years. Watch the video. Now you have to choose who is to continue the story - Corvo Atta or Emily Koldvin. In our case we chose Emily. 02

Escape from the tower of Danuolla

After the cut scene you get control over your character. You are inside the royal apartments. You have no weapons and other equipment, so you have to escape from the tower of Danuolla as soon as possible, as long as Delilah did not find you. The first thing you need to do - to scan the area, jump through the window in the back and roll to right, the entrance to the royal apartments. Here you will need to examine the captain Alexi Mayhew to pick up his sword. She will ask you to meet with Captain Megan Foster to run from Danuolla.


Keep out Mortimer Ramsey

According to Alex, you have to move to the docks and look for the ship Dreadful Wale, where Captain Megan Foster is. He works with Anton Sokolov. But first you will need to bring back your ring, which took Ramsey away. Go down, kill the enemies. When you take away the ring and go into the room, where you will collect useful items before you leave the castle.


Go to the docks

Jump down to the street Danuolla where to begin the real test of your fighting skills. Fight with traitors from among the guards. You can act as secretly and kill everyone you see. When you reach the main streets, you will see the people of the Duke. They are patrolling the territory. The fastest and best way is to go to right.


After the destruction of the first group of opponents, you need to move along the right side and follow the road until you get to the dumpster. You will need to climb a few boxes and pass by civilians to be at the docks at the marker. Run away and jump into the water, ignoring the guards who saw you. Make your way into the ship.


After meeting with Megan Foster, Emily decides to go to Karnak, which will start a new job. So the first mission is ended in the framework of the walkthrough of Dishonored 2.


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