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Walkthrough Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen

Walkthrough of Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

The End at the Beginning

First of all check with management. Keys W, S, A, D are used for movement. Left mouse button - light attack, right click - heavy attack. Esc key opens the pause menu. Press the I, to open your inventory.

Follow ahead until you see a huge dragon. With several goblins go for satellite and drop down by clicking on the "Space". Move closer to the big stone with a picture and press E. A two more characters that will help you in the journey.

Come on. Use the keys F1, F2, F3, to give the command to the partner. Kill a few more goblins. Use the key SHIFT for jogging. Next you will see a flying creature. Attack his standard attacks. Either hold down the CTRL key and left, do not lower it, press the left mouse button. Your character will swing the sword and hide behind a shield.

Follow on, go down and kill opponents. We should open the gate through which would come the three allies. Move them to a hall where you will attack the Chimera.

The battle with the Chimaera (first boss)

The battle is fairly simple. You must constantly be on the move and attack Chimera or bottom or the top. Go to the enemy side and press F, to cling to his hair. Now use the keys, which are responsible for the movement of the character to climb on the back of a chimera. After that attack.

Note there is the scale of the health of the enemy at the top of the screen. In addition to the purple line, there are two purple dots. This is the number of lives. When you empty the entire scale, one of the purple dots will go out. Scale refilled again and you will have to empty it. Then, when the two points go out, you will need to empty the last time with a margin scale purple health Chimera. After that, the first mission will be completed.

Harbinger of Destruction

Just attack the Dragon until he throw the hero aside. Watch the cut-scene.

Newly Arisen

After the cut-scene go the table at the wall near where is the gun. Choose class hero of your character. After that, leave the room through the passage nearby. Look at the cut-scene and leave the house.

Walk down the street in the direction of the marker (orange circle). When you find yourself on the ground, near the gate to the city, that you speak of an elderly man. This will start a new quest.

Upon a Pawn

Go to the gate and press E, to leave the city. You need to get to the camp by the path. You are standing on the right path. Just run by the path until you see how three goblins attack civilians. Kill him and go on the path. Click on the button E at the gates of the camp.

Call of the Arisen

Move forward for Rook, go to the indicated tent and activate ancient stone. After talking with him, you'll have to explore the location.

Move in the opposite direction to the gate through which came. See the cut-scene. Follow Rook and leave the camp through the gate, near which he the stop.

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