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Walkthrough DYING Reborn

Section 1. Awakening Time

Look around in the room. Go to both doors – there is a grate. Try to open another door. You will hear a ringing and the picture will fall near the first door. Go to it and pull out a screwdriver. Open the inventory and select this screwdriver, and then close it. Go to the curtain, slide it and apply a screwdriver to the central drawer of the table. Get out the handle, select it in the inventory and combine it with the other part.

By doing this, you can inspect the clock in the center, turn them and unscrew the cover. Get out the key, use it to open the door and see the wall. Take the picture of the rabbit from the wall, and click on the button. Go to the table behind the curtain and take a piece of note from under the shade of the glowing lamp. There is another part of the note on the wall above the fallen picture to the right of the grate.

There is an umbrella to the left of the grate. Take it and go back to the table behind the curtain. Inspect the bottle on it, poke it and the coin will fall. Use the umbrella on the coin to pick it up. Next, examine the piano on the right. Number the keys from "1" to "7" and click on them in the following order - 1, 1, 5, 5, 6, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1.

The compartment will open from the top. There are the bolt cutters. Use it cut the chain on the grate. Throw a coin into the slot of the red box on the door, wipe the dust off the cover and apply both parts of the note. Look at the picture on the left and see the letters MUR. You need to add DER to them to get the word MURDER. And make - enter these letters on the door. Turn on the TV - click on it, view the cutscene, and then leave the room through the opened door.

Section 2. Get Locked Up

We describe a short walkthrough of the level, although you need additional steps to find out the code combinations described below. Nevertheless, they are unchanged for each walkthrough. First go ahead and open the red box on the wall on the right. Take the fire extinguisher and break the lock on the grate in front. There is a picture of an adult and a child on the wall to the right. A little further there is scrap on the couch - apply it to the picture to find a safe. Enter the code 0704. From the safe, remove the magnetic card.


Go to the end of the corridor and apply the card to the device to the left of the grate. After the cut scene you need do it again to open the path to the left. You need to find the radio, plug it in and set up it to the right wave to find out the code from the case on the curbstone on the right. Enter the code - on the left 520, on the right 345. Get another card from the case.

Apply it to another device to go to the next corridor. Remove the umbrella from the wall on the right and apply it to the jar in the window on the left. Take the key, open the door to the room on the left. Look around and go to the wall with several cells. In the middle there is a panel with buttons in a row 4x4. You need to hold down the necessary buttons to open several compartments. See the three screenshots below:

You will get a button with a letter from one compartment, from the other - a lever for the switch, from the third - Easter eggs. But you only need one button. Go back to the corridor where the scrap is. There is a red box on the left – open it and take the second button with the letter. The third button with the letter lies on the couch next to the one where the scrap was. Again look in the safe and make the word LILY.

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