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Walkthrough Elementium

This game periodically recalls the famous series Portal. Here you have to pass one room after another, solving certain puzzles. Most of them are associated with a decrease or increase in available objects. At the first twenty levels, you will be able to access metal boxes (cubes) and metal beams.

LMB will allow you to take or put any object, and the middle mouse button - to throw the object. Very important is the RMB, you can rotate the objects by clipping it (in addition you need to move the mouse on the table). Approach the object closely, take it (let it be a cube), and then rise so as to aim the cube as far as possible. The farther you put the cube, the larger will be its shape. And vice versa: if you take an object that is far away, and put it closer to you, its size will decrease.

It is important to understand that you can take only those objects that you see in the FULL SIZE.


Just walk forward through the doors and get up into the blue portal. The level is intended for familiarization with the controls in motion.

Level 1

The way forward will block the cubes. Take them to the LMB and move to the side to release the walkthrough.

Level 2

Take the cubes to climb the hill. Approach them closely, and set it in the distance. So you increase their size. Leave two cubes on top of each other (one more, one less) and jump up.

Level 3

In front there is an acid puddle. If you fall into it, you have to start the level anew. Below you can find two cubes and the first metal beam. Place the cubes on top of each other on either of the two projections, which will allow you to go up in the future. Pick up the beam and increase it in size, throw a little further. Again, take it in your hands; rotate with the help of the RMB so that you connect the two upper blocks between the door. Get a bridge. Jump up on two cubes, mounted on each other, and then get to the pass along the bridge.

Level 4

Remove the two cubes located behind the grate. You need to stand up so that they are visible in full size between the two lattice tubes. It does not matter what size cubes will be - if you take a cube in your hand, it will move through the bars after you. Set the two cubes on top of each other and jump up.

Level 5

There will be three cubes, two of which are connected together. Take these two cubes; rotate them so that they are positioned vertically. If you go up, you can see the abyss, which is not so easy to overcome. In fact, you need to set two cubes vertically. Significantly increase their size so that they can be jumped from above (used as a bridge). See the video.

Level 6

Here you need to get two cube from behind the lattice, build a third cube of steps from them and jump onto the ledge. Do not rush to jump to the other side - look down to where you came from, and take with you one by one cubes. From them, build the steps to the next ledge.

Level 7

Take the cube in an acid puddle, increase its size so that you can jump on it and get into the opening on the left side. There you will find the second cube. Do the same with him, use two cubes and go to the left.

Level 8

Take one cube behind the bars, the other will be next. From them make the steps so that you can jump up. Look down on the floor behind the bars to see the metal beam in full size. Take it with you and put it on the floor near the ledge. Move the two cubes to the other ledge and climb up. Take the grate and from it build a bridge on the other side.

Level 9

Place the cube on the button to the left to open the door.

Level 10

Increase the size of the cube so that it clamps both buttons.

See Walkthrough of levels 11-20 in the video below


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