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Walkthrough Elex – How to Join Berserks Faction, Quests

If you do not like modern weapons and technology, but you want to use spells, swords and bows, then you need to choose Berserks. They perfectly know the magic, so they can summon spirits, heal their wounds, or increase the damage done. In addition, the members of this faction are able to enchant the equipment (axes, swords, hammers, etc.) and shoot several arrows at once. Berserkers will allow you to create a hero who fights mostly in melee combat, but can, if necessary, support himself with spells or attack from afar with the help of a bow.

Capital of the faction: Goliet.

Leader of the faction: Ragnar.

A unique weapon: Ax, Warrior's Sword, Ripblade.

Unique armor: Cultivator Armor, Cultivator Helmet, Cultivator Pants, Warrior Armor, Warrior Helmet, Warrior Pants, Paladin Armor, Paladin Helmet, Paladin Pants.

Faction ability

Berserker - the basic ability of the faction, which gives you access to other abilities of this group. Unlock trainers of the faction, allow you to buy their equipment and use mana points, and also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your magic weapon and increases resistance to poison.

Magic - The next level increases the duration or damage of spells.

Mana - The next level increases the amount of available mana (which is used for casting spells).

Enchant Weapons - allows you to enchant a weapon, which increases its damage.

Scatter Shot - allows you to shoot multiple arrows at the same time.

Seeker Shot - allows you to shoot self-guided arrows.

Camouflage Spell - Unblocks a spell that reduces the chance of being detected by enemies.

Leather Skin Spell - Unblocks a spell that increases armor.

Aspect of the Warrior Spell - unlocks a spell that increases melee damage.

Blood Transfer Spell - Opens a spell that allows you to turn a part of your life into mana.

Spirit Wolf Spell - Unblocks a spell that invokes ghosts that can help you during battles.

Sense Life Spell - unlocks the spell that selects all living beings.

Poisonous Aura Spell - Unblocks a spell that deals poison damage to all enemies around the character.

Healing Spell - Unblocks a spell that allows you to heal your character and his companion.

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