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Walkthrough End of the Mine

Training Level Will begin training. Go forward to pick up a first aid kit. Press the Q key to use it. Go on and interact with panel the E button to get a gun. Destroy the target by shooting the left mouse button. For this you can get diamonds.

Follow on. Use the pickaxe to destroy the red crystals and drawers, get paid for it jewelry and a variety of materials. Press the key F to do this. Jump "Space" key. Press the "Space", to use the jetpack. In a certain place you will need to use the backpack several times, turn it off periodically.

Throw a grenade into a wall, press the right mouse button. Climb higher and higher, press "Space". Shift key - to make a breakthrough by using a jetpack. This mission is easy.

Mine 023. Cave. Investigation begins Follow the right. Destroy the hole from which there are smaller monsters, otherwise it will continue indefinitely. Use the M button to view the map.

To be continued...

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