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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Enter the Gungeon

So, first you will be taken to an intermediate location - Brescia. From here you can go to the next level by selecting one of four characters. I will note that I walk the game only with the paratroopers. Select it and go through the door at the top.

Halls of Knowledge. Hall 0

Go to the blue little man and talk to him, by clicking on the button E. The same button you have to switch the phrase in the dialogue. After talking you need go the table and press the same key E, to overturn them. Tables can be used as a shelter during the shootings. Go into the room below. Use the roll. To do this, click on the right mouse button. Roll is used as a way to jump over something, and as a way to dodge the bullet.

You rock up to the water jump. You get the first weapon - an ordinary gun. Take it out of the chest. Click the left mouse button to shoot. The sight you see as the mouse cursor.

Kill a few enemies. When you see a passage that block several flying bullets one after the other, then pick up the two blue grenade. Throw grenade to key Q. There are no bullets, run up. Kill enemies, you will need to move to the portal. Click on the TAB, to open the map and then left mouse button click on the icon teleport on this card. You move through the pit with water.

Go north and talk to the man. We need to find more powerful weapons. Go up and find yourself in a room with three aisles. Move to the passage to the right. Kill the enemies, jump over the ditch and go down through the door at the bottom. Go to the left and take the gun from the chest in the room. Go back to the room; go left to the library to find a grenade. Again, go back to the room and climb up. Confirm your agreement to the battle. Kill that man who taught you. Move and shoot from a machine gun. At the same time, when it will fly from the bullets, then jump over them with the help of rolling in his direction.

Citadel leaden Lord. Hall 1

Once in Brescia, go upstairs. Talk to the two guards and they miss you. Click the new location. First, you will meet new opponents. No, not immediately. To begin you tell about the big red bubble. He attacks exclusively in the melee. He will try to approach as soon as notice of your character. You have to shoot him. In addition to the damage the bullets will repel the enemy far away from you. After a 3-4 hits, monster becomes double. Each of these two monsters again becomes double. For then you will have to kill four other small creatures. So they are more mobile

More there is a square red opponent. He jumps and shoots. Nothing is special. Kill bats as soon as you can see, with a single cartridge. They never attacked me; therefore, I do not even know what they are capable.

At the top of the map you will find a room with the merchant. Kill enemies and pick up brown pellets. For these pellets can be a lot of interesting things to buy from the merchant, including the stock of lives and ammunition. By the way, if you start to shoot in his room, then he would get angry and can answer you the same.

On location, you can find a chest with a Molotov cocktail (on the left side of the start point) and weapons caliber 38 mm. The battle with the boss you can start by just hitting him in the hall - at the bottom right of the map. That is the direction you now know.

Oh, and if you go right down to specific locations below and turn left, you can find a room with a chest inside is camera. You can use it as a weapon. But what does he do? Personally, I thought that the camera will blind enemies by flash. But in reality it was not so: the camera takes pictures and everything.

Boss Seagull Gatling

This enemy attacks you primarily a machine gun. What do we have to do? Try to stay away from it as far as possible and move around the room's perimeter. At the same time deprive only in extreme cases. When a seagull fly, then location will appear red target - which means that it is in these terms fall shells. In general, it is all the secrets of this battle with the boss. No particular difficulties, you do not have to experience. In my case, the boss is generally never hit the hero.


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