Walkthrough Eternity: The Last Unicorn
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Walkthrough Eternity: The Last Unicorn

We offer you walkthrough of an exciting old school RPG Eternity: The Last Unicorn.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Move forward to the very end, where you will see a unicorn. Left the wall glows. Interact with it to communicate with the keeper. Take the vessel of light from the altar on the right. Follow back and get a hint. Go to the corpse with a violet aura and hold down the CTRL to clear it and get red fragments. Red fragments are used as in-game currency, green - restore health points.

Exit the buildings and clean another corpse. Then fight opponents, use RMB to capture the target and the LMB for strikes. When the letter E appears on the opponent, then click on the appropriate key to finish it. Deal with the second enemy and pick up the fallen object. Open the inventory on I, select a blade of grass and set it in the quick access cell. Close the inventory, click on the "up" arrow to use a blade of grass and restore some health. Click on the down arrow to activate the runestone. The passage on the right is closed, so go left. You can break the jars and try to open the chest, but it is locked.

Go ahead and go to a new region called Fensallyr.


Go ahead, clean the corpse and collect red fragments. Navigate the log and kill the enemies. There is an energy barrier ahead, and left is a stone, in which something is missing. Move to the left, kill the enemies and clean the corpse on your left hand. Pick up the fallen scroll, which can be studied in the inventory.

Go the other way, in the direction of the fire. Defeat new opponents and use a bonfire to save. From the chest, get a crystal, the destruction of which can be obtained red fragments.

Go from the fire to the left, pick up an empty vessel on the path and go to the tree under which the warrior sits. Try to communicate with him, but he will ask for water. Go back to the log, go along it and go down the steps to the water with the boat. Use the jar to fill it with water, then take it to the warrior and transfer to it. Communicate on all topics and get from him an important ingredient for crafting.

Go to the fire and follow to the right. Along the way, you will meet a gnome merchant. So far, you do not need to sell or buy anything. The chest next to it is locked. Kill the enemies ahead. The path to the left is blocked by yellow roots, and next is a chest that can be opened. Follow the right path, up the slope and find a huge creature. Chat with him and you can to create items. Ship two pieces of the Fensallier’s emblem. For the bottom - the body parts of the previously killed monsters, for the top - the green component obtained from the warrior, who was given water. After receiving both items, go back to the magic barrier and set the fragments on the stone to the left. This will move to a new location - Jotundrir.


Move forward; kill enemies and collect red fragments. Cross the bridge, clear the corpse on the right. In the new room you will have to fight with a large group of skeletons and spiders. Use RMB, LMB and SHIFT to dodge. In advance, install Iladir grass in the fast access slot so that you can immediately restore your health points. Defeat them, pay attention to the lever on the left. He temporarily lifts the trellis at the end of the next trail, where axes swing like pendulums. Interact with the lever, and then run past the axes. Between the first and second pendulums, on the left side is another scroll.

Go ahead, kill the enemy and if you have time, then get under the raised trellis. If you are late, you will have to go back to the lever. Go further, look around and from the chest to the right, and remove half of the medallion. By collecting a whole medallion, you will increase the maximum health points.


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