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Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough Existentia

Walkthrough Existentia

Chapter 1: Asylum

Chapter 1. Shelter

Look around in your shelter. Before you leave, you need to collect some things. There is the gas mask to the right of you. Go into the room and to take the lamp left from the table. There is a backpack on the floor to the left side of the sofa. Go to the kitchen and collect two bottles of water from the shelves and a can of food.

Leave the shelter through the front door on the opposite side. Move to the right, to the left. At the end of the corridor will be a dead end - one of the doors has no valve. Next there is a twist to the other side of the corridor. There is visible steam. There are two gates on the left side, and on the right - one. Each valve is responsible for a certain pipe. Turn the valves in turn, is one of the jets of steam is not lost. Go to the second gate, and then - to the third. As a result, you have to remove pairs from the path.

There is one feature! The upper left and right valves should be rotated so that the red arrow is pointing up. The lower gate turn left so that the arrow points to the right. Otherwise, if the valve at the bottom arrow points upward, the steam goes back on top of the left pipe.

Go through the door in front and on the box on the far right get the valve (lever). By the way, you can turn on the flashlight by pressing the F, to make it easier to see.

Go back down the hall and to the right. Walk up to the door with a hole and place it on the valve. Open the door.

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  • Reply
    Aug 17, 2016 6:46 am

    Please continue this walkthrough – I am stuck at the radio station but I think I skipped a step because when I load from chapter four where I thought I was there was a bit of dialogue about fixing the power and stuff earlier which I can’t find

  • Reply
    Jul 17, 2017 10:45 pm

    continue, stuck at radio tower

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