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Walkthrough Fallout 4: Automatron

Find caravan

You will hear a distress signal. Move to the east of "Consumer Electronics" and find the caravan. You can use a quick trip. When you're on the spot, you will see a huge cluster of robots. One of these robots tries to protect the caravan.

Destroy enemy robots

Swarmbot - one of the attacking robots – he has a decent stock of health. Try to destroy it, use your best weapon. Then you will destroy the crowd of conventional mechanized drones to protect the main robot.

Speak with a robot

As soon as you will destroy enemy’s robots, it's time to talk to one of the good robots that protect the caravan. He will talk about how his friends have died and as a mechanic tried to send it to the Commonwealth, to kill the survivors, the settlers and destroy caravans.

She (Ada it's a girl) wants revenge mechanics, and you will help the robot in this. Ada tell you about the next place where you can find a clue about mechanics. You have to go to the Atomic Plant (General Atomic Factory). Move to the specified location.

New threat

At General Atomics has a lot of good parts and so robots can protect this place. So you need collect items with the robot around to create your own team-mate.

Examine the plant "General Atomics"

Go to the specified location. You will meet several opponents on the location, located in front and up the stairs. Destroy them. Do not forget to collect all the parts!

Find the robot brain

After killing the robot climb up and jump to the other side. Kill the main enemy. Inspect parts.

Talk to Ada

Ada will thank you for your participation. She asks to install a new part to it, to be able to extract more information about the mechanics. Open the embedded robot bench and set the radar beacon in Ada. Ada finds a strong signal to other robots in the Commonwealth. You'll have to track him down. You need to find as many parts of the brain robots to find mechanics.

Head hunter

Robobrain travel in groups. Once you update Ada (insert a radar beacon) on your Pip-Boy will be the new location of the robots. Just move to a new place on the map.

Get a second lighthouse

You can quickly move to the plant "General Atomics" by using the nearest point "quick trip". Follow the specified location and kill all enemies. Take the second lighthouse, and then chat with Ada.

She cannot find the source of the signal, but she will indicate where there is a third, the last lighthouse. And to get it!

Search the Fort Hagen

Last Robobrain is located in Fort Hagen. Kill the band of raiders Rust Devils, who use robots for their own purposes. Go to the place indicated on the map and kill thugs and the robots. Then go up and activate the door to get inside the hangar Fort Hagen.

Find Robobrain

When you're inside, you'll see a red light. You need disarm the laser, and then go forward. You will meet with a lot of robots and thugs of the group "Rusty Devils. Kill them. Walk through the front door, and then talk to Robobrain, which is attached to the machine.

Talk and take Jezebel

Talk with Jezebel. She agrees to help you with tracing Ada, but you'll have to get it from the web "Rusted Devils." You also need find for her new body (a robot), and then she will give you access to the main entrance. Do as she says, and then leave the hangar.

Escape from the hangar

After conversation with Jezebel, you will have to fight with the boss named Ahab. Kill him and leave the hangar. You can find a power armor X-01 models in one of the rooms, so be sure to take advantage of it. Now, when you left the hangar, you need to go back to a robot bench and give Jezebel a new body.

Build a body for Jezebel

She gives you the information about their work. She says that you need to get inside the machine works. You need to equip one of the robots from the M-SAT modification. Thus, to complete the mission and take the new job "Bringing order."

To clean up

M-SAT - is a custom modification, which acts as the key to the plant of mechanics. It must be set in Ada, after which it will be possible to go on with the fight mechanics. Quickly move to the Old North Church, and then move to the specified area.

Access to the lair of Mechanics

When you reach the marked place, and then go inside the merchant center. Go down and you will see a strange device. You need activate it. Ada will do it for you.

Stop Mechanics

Once you pass through the three main doors, then go left to avoid unnecessary confrontations with the enemies. Then you get access to all the terminals. When you walk into a room, you will hear the voice of Mechanics. He will speak to you directly. You will be attacked by robots. Eliminate all of them, move forward until you find the Mechanics.

Destroy Mechanics

He wants to kill you. Here begins the battle with the mechanics. You'll have to go through four waves of attacking robots until power mechanics is reduced to 0%.

Talk to the mechanic

After the mechanic will be neutralized, then talk to him. You will learn the mechanics - a woman. You can tell the mechanic that her robots kill civilians instead of helping them. In the end, you will have three choices:

  1. Kill her (only the ending of violence).
  2. Ask her to turn off all the robots and help you.
  3. Learn more about the mechanics (why her mask?).

The first option will start the fight directly to the mechanic. In the second case, you will be able to learn more about Robobrain and help the Commonwealth by using these robots. Get to the master terminal and unlock it. Complete the mission.

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