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Walkthrough Fallout 4: Nuka-World

Walkthrough Fallout 4: Nuka-World

To begin describe how it is to start a supplement. Load the save game that you have on your computer as soon as you install the add-on. Word station, which is called "Nuka-Cola." You will see a new marker on your map. But do not rush! Find a power armor and take the road several nuclear units, since you are waiting for a serious test.

Go to the transit center Nuka World and see the shooters who are already waiting for you. Having dealt with them, move down into the subway. Locate here the man whom someone wounded. Talk to him about everything. Man asks us to save his wife and child. It offers stimulant meaningless. If you have a high level of charisma, you'll be able to put pressure on the man. It turns out that this family does not fixers. A legend was invented for such rascals we lure for the raiders. You can either kill the villain, or agree to help. The differences will not be easy you will have a few different conversations with the raiders.

Take Harvey password and use it to run a monorail. Jump on Nuka Express and follow the road.


You drive into the trap, which will learn from the radio Gage. You have to break through on the fight. There are several turrets in the first room. Hide behind that wall, that the left side.

In the second room there are a few stretch marks on the floor. Just look at his feet in time to disarm these traps. In the next room, where there are three doors, go through the left one. Reaching the passage with turrets, follow the back and use the terminal to disable them.

In the end, you will find yourself in the arena with Mobil nuclei. Defeat the leader of the raiders. You will communicate again with Gage. Move in the direction of the device, attached to the wall. With his help, you can talk to Gage. In Raiders of the leader has power armor, which differs from the others. It is connected to a power source located in the arena. Conventional weapons to destroy the leader of the Raiders will not work! At Gage have other weapons. It turns out that it's a squirt gun. Shoot the enemy with water to get a short-circuit. So it will be temporarily shut down its protection.

Defeat the leader of the gang. Take away his armor and talk to Gage again, to see the amazing news that from this moment you are the leader of a raider. Go into the street.

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